Friday, July 28, 2017

NEW BOOK - Gifted Mind Merge

Genius is defined as “Exceptional intellectual ability capable of looking beyond known facts.” Such intellectual giants can do things with their minds that can’t even be described to other people. It is as if a special type of creativeness, being an expression of a healthy personality, is projected out upon the world, touching every activity in which the person is engaged. The recognized measurement for genius is the top 2% of the population’s IQ.  That means approximately 7 million people in the United States have a genius IQ.  If you think you are not that smart, consider this: one out of fifty people have a genius IQ. You know 49 people stupider than you, don’t you? :-)

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Gifted Mind Merge
Reading this book can inspire a metanoia experience!
met·a·noi·a (noun) - sudden change in direction or awareness.

Gifted Thinking      Health      Science
Behavior Modification          Race Relations
Inspiration      International Characteristics
Alternative Theology     History
Romance        Mood Management
Gifted Children      Secrets of the Universe

Written by a Life MENSA Member
Who Favors Evidence Over Opinion

Philosopher, Clergyman, Psychotherapist, Scientist, Humorist and raconteur, Samuel Orrin Sewell, is a Gifted Youth Coordinator. He is the Director of a nation-wide internet psychotherapy practice. His articles are frequently published in political, religious, and behavioral science periodicals. He is a Navy veteran whose hobbies include aviation and classic cars -- and he owns a “Best in Show” award winning muscle car.

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