Friday, July 14, 2017

Subjects In The First Book of Samuel

Subjects In The First Book of Samuel

Gifted Thinking      Health      Science
Behavior Modification  Race Relations
Inspiration      International Characteristics
Alternative Theology     History
Romance        Mood Management
Gifted Children      Secrets of the Universe

Written by a Life MENSA Member
Who Favors Evidence Over Opinion

Philosopher, Clergyman, Psychotherapist, Scientist, Humorist and raconteur, Samuel Orrin Sewell, the Gifted Youth Coordinator for his local Mensa Chapter. He is the Director of a nation-wide, internet based psychotherapy practice. His articles are frequently published in political, religious, and behavioral science periodicals. He is a Navy veteran whose hobbies include aviation and classic cars -- and he owns a “Best in Show” award winning muscle car.

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