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I’m a happily married man living with my sexy wife and our two wonderful kids in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. I’m very interested in how the post feminist world impacts myself and my family, and am using this blog to explore these kinds of issues.
I hope you enjoy this blog and most of all take a few minutes to comment on any entries which interest you. Feel free to either agree or disagree, although I find I learn the most from those who disagree with me.
Consider these two points:
This is the sentiment behind the slogan:
I don’t want to have to depend on a man to…
This twisted feeling is so prevalent that we don’t even notice it. It feels normal to us that a woman would order her life around never depending on a man (or men), and therefore never risking feeling grateful to a man**. This is why every unit of our armed forces must be open to women. The number of women who supposedly benefit from opening up special forces or submarines is so minuscule it isn’t even a rounding error. But once women are in all units of the armed forces, never again will women suffer the indignity of feeling grateful to men for protecting them. Never again will they hear the unbearable words Thanks to the men who sacrificed so much for us without feminists chiming in “and women too!” This is why no unit can be left untouched, even the most elite ones.
Ugly feminists likewise can’t stand the idea of serving others, especially if these acts of service come out of (and/or evoke) a feeling of love for others. They are so obsessed with not showing Christian love that they make it a priority not to serve their own families. Cooking, cleaning, and caring for their own husbands and children is a concept which is repulsive to them. Acts of service to others are in their twisted minds traps to be avoided, and many go so far as to order their entire lives around avoiding showing love to others, especially their families. These women are so gripped by miserliness they have made it a priority not to show love to their own children. When they find themselves unable to avoid an act of service and love to their families altogether, they first steel their hearts with resentment, turning their hearts to stone to avoid the feelings of selfless love they live in constant terror of developing.
Even worse, our society is so thoroughly feminist that the values of the ugly feminist have seeped into every nook and cranny of our culture. This is most easily spotted with the venom directed at women who break the ultimate taboo: women who dare to not only bake for their men, but who do so out of a genuine desire to serve. Baking for men is in our culture seen as the ultimate trap, one that every woman, even conservative Christian women, needs to be ever vigilant to avoid. It is the absolute opposite of the strong empowered woman. Sure, serve your man (if you must!), but beware the trap of baking out of a desire to please your man! The warnings are everywhere. The very idea offends modern, feminist sensibilities.
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