Saturday, December 9, 2017

Roy Moore accuser thoroughly debunked!

Adrien Nash ~ the more evil a mind is, the more it will assert itself, and thereby rise to a position of power, from which to strengthen and spread their evil.

Breitbart reports: Yes, of course it was forged!
To the surprise of no conservative, Roy Moore’s only serious accuser has finally admitted that she lied.
After weeks of denying it, false accuser Beverly Nelson conceded that she had, in fact, forged much of the yearbook inscription that her left-wing attorney Gloria Allred said Judge Moore had written, and which Allred had produced for the television cameras as “proof” that Moore had forced himself on Nelson forty years ago.
The forger made her confession during a cushy interview with ABC in which the reporter threw her softball after softball, rather than asking her directly, “Why did you lie?”
Like all of the other allegations of impropriety against Judge Moore, Nelson’s story had long been discredited by those who were knowledgeable of the Gadsden, Alabama area thirty to forty years ago.
Over a week ago Nelson’s own stepson went public with the statement that his mother is lying. “She’s lying through her teeth,” he said. “She’s wrong for this…she’s wrong as hell.”
One of Nelson’s boyfriends from the same era says the same thing — he doesn’t believe her.
Nelson claimed she worked as a waitress at a local restaurant where a young Roy Moore ate dinner in his suit every night. She claimed he sat at the bar and she served him personally.
She claims one night after the restaurant closed at 10 p.m. her boyfriend was late picking her up, and she agreed to let Roy Moore take her home, but he instead parked his car behind the restaurant between the dumpster and the building where it was dark, and locked her in the car before trying to force himself on her.
This event was so traumatic to her (she said, as she sobbed on Gloria Allred’s shoulder) that she waited forty years to tell anybody, even though she saw her own boyfriend minutes after the alleged assault took place.
Turns out no part of her story is credible. Two waitresses and a former policeman who frequented the restaurant during the relevant time say they never saw Roy Moore even once in the place. The cop says he knew Moore personally, and never saw him there.
And guess what? They never saw the accuser working there, either!
The waitresses say that almost NOBODY ever came in wearing a suit, and they would have remembered anyone who did so regularly. Roy Moore was not among them. Moreover, had Moore sat at the bar, as Nelson claimed, he would have been served by the cooks and bartenders, not by the waitresses!
Not done yet. Turns out the restaurant never closed at 10 p.m. as Nelson claimed. It always stayed open until 11, and sometimes midnight to feed the workers from a manufacturing plant next door that closed at 10 p.m.
Still not done. One of the waitresses (a retired church music director) was so troubled by the falsehoods she was hearing in Nelson’s story that she wrote a statement and released it to the media, pointing out that none of Nelson’s physical descriptions of the restaurant lot was accurate.
The dumpster was actually on the side of the building, not the rear, and there was certainly no room to park between the dumpster and the building: employees would routinely exit the side door and toss the trash right into the dumpster.
Moreover, the rear of the lot was tiny, and NOT dark, as Nelson claimed. In fact, the entire lot was well lighted, and the rear of the building faced a residential community such that privacy would have been impossible: no rapist would have chosen it as the situs for an assault.
Even if this woman believes herself, one would have to be a complete fool to rely on any 40 year-old memories this woman presents. Even if she is not a complete liar as her son says, at this point her credibility has been thoroughly and completely impeached.
Just like the false claims that Moore was banned from the mall and theYMCA for harassing young women, which the Mall Manager and the YMCA Executive Director have both said is complete BUNK.
So we are left where we were a month ago: a very solid PROVEN Christian constitutional conservative who has shown himself willing to buck the establishment is in a dog fight with a screaming liberal lawyer who supports Sanctuary Cities and transsexuals in submarines.
A West Point graduate, Viet Nam vet, and happily married man of 33 years has been all but abandoned by the national GOP establishment, and faces a proponent of gun control and partial birth abortion — who is outspending him ten to one on television in an election that is next week.
In a Senate that is supposedly controlled by Republicans — where Vice President Mike Pence has already had to break a tie 6 times — we are days away from losing a VITAL Senate seat in a state that President Trump carried by 27 points. It’s heartbreaking.
All because of a few lies, the biggest of which has today been exposed as a complete fabrication, by a client of toxic feminist Gloria Allred.
As Ebenezer Scrooge asked the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be, “Are these the shadows of the things that WILL be, or the shadows of the things that MAY be?”
My friend, these are the shadows of what WILL happen unless good patriots like you and me work together to get the conservative vote out in Alabama next Tuesday. We must spread the news of this latest revelation — that the yearbook inscription is indeed a hoax.
We must reach voters who have given up hope, or who have been disillusioned by the constant fake news, or the constant betrayals of RINOs like Jeff Flake and Paul Ryan.

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