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Ankeny v. Daniels: Indiana Eligibility Case Update

Comment from Liz:


A lawsuit is pending in Indiana, which was filed December 9 by Kruse and Ankeny versus the Governor of Indiana, the DNC and the RNC. The defendants filed for more time (to scheme and plot and connive) to submit their documents. This time was given, and they are required to respond by January 31, 2009.

The judge, Judge Dreyer, has not dismissed the plaintiffs. He seems to be treating Kruse and Ankeny as actual legal citizens with a legitimate concern. I have to pinch myself, could this be true? It is very refreshing, to say the least, in this Through the Looking Glass world of politics and courts.

This very nicely written lawsuit states the Governor is the top law officer of the state of Indiana, and it is his duty to certify the votes, and to verify the qualifications of all candidates on a ballot in Indiana in upholding the laws of Indiana and the US Constitution, before submitting them for final count in Washington. Let us keep an eye on Indiana....where the law still seems to exist, with a true judge as we heard about growing up, a true court, like in To Kill a Mockingbird, and true citizens like in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

We have to train ourselves, to learn how to deal with the likes of Obama and Ayers, by studying Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, where Obama trained and led Alinsky workshops, and learned to talk the way people want to hear to get their cooperation, and then do the exact opposite. A King of Lies and Deceit. The end justifies the means, nothing is sacred. For example, we must "sacrifice and be good citizens, ready to suffer" as he sunbathes and surfs in Hawaii. Please keep an eye on Indiana. And Pray.
Ankeny v. Daniels: Indiana Eligibility Case Update
Submitted by Phil

As originally covered here, Steve Ankeny and Bill Kruse are currently Plaintiffs in a case against Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and the Democrat and Republican National Committees challenging that these Defendants had not upheld the Constitution when they certified the results of the election.

I have recently received word that the Cause number is 49D100812PL055511. Originally filed on December 9, 2008. On December 16, 2008, the Defendants apparently filed a motion for Enlargement of Time to Respond (a phrase that’s pretty self-explanatory; the Defendants wanted more time in which to respond).

When the story was originally reported in the press on December 25, 2008, the Governor and Judge had the following to say:

Jane Jankowski, spokeswoman for Daniels, confirmed the office had received a copy of the suit.
“We don’t have a comment,” she said Wednesday.

Judge David Dreyer, who will hear the case, said he could not talk about the specifics of the lawsuit.
“This is a very free country,” he said, “and these parties will be given the full consideration and respect that all parties will get.”

At this time, while the case is still pending, there is no set court date for another hearing; presumably, a date would be scheduled once the additional time for Defendant response has been exhausted.

Update: The docket summary can be viewed here using the Cause number. Be aware that there are fees associated with viewing the details of the case.

Update: Defendants have until January 31 to respond.


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Kevin J said...

Could someone please provide us with an update on what is happening with this case. Seems like the defendants had until Jan 31st, 2009 to respond. That was 1 week ago.