Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Obama Sr. visit Kenya in summer of '61?

Another little tid bit, thanks to Janet at citizenwells

Most intelligence work doesn't require special skills other than a curious mind and the ability to sort through tons of meaningless data to find one nugget.

Obama Sr. and Obama's mom were married in February of 1961. Five months later Obama was born. The article at the link below reports that Ann Dunham visited Seattle and talked about being excited about Obama Sr. going back to Kenya for a visit.

Now, Ann would have been visiting during break from classes at U of HI. Her husband's visit to Kenya would have also been that summer because he was due back to class in the fall. What do you want to bet that Ann went with her husband to visit her in-laws in Kenya and that is where Obama was born in August.?

She and Obama Sr. then returned to Hawaii in time for classes to start and Ann registered Obama's birth in Hawaii. What do you think? "Susan Blake, another high-school classmate, said that during a brief visit in 1961, Dunham was excited about her husband’s plans to return to Kenya."

That also means that they were probably traveling together and it might be useful to check public records (Ports of Entry) to see if there is any record of Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham entering the United States with an infant.

And from back in October:

Written by bhartzer on
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According to a report today, Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois who is seeking to be President of the United States, was born in Kenya.

Someone is lying. According to Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii as the Democratic candidate for president claims. His grandmother bragged that her grandson is about to be President of the United States and is so proud because she was present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room.

One explanation is that Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, flew to Kenya in 1961 with Obama’s father to meet his family. According to some news reports, Ann Dunham, was not accepted well by her husband’s family because she was white:“Obama’s family did not take to Stanley Ann Dunham Obama very well, because she was white, according to Sarah Obama. Shortly after she arrived in Kenya Stanley Ann decided to return to Hawaii because she later said, she did not like how Muslim men treated their wives in Kenya. However, because she was near term the airline would not let her fly until after the birth of her baby. Obama’s grandmother said the baby—Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.—was born in Kenya and that shortly after he was born, Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii.”

We know how Barack Obama currently feels about his grandmother. Perhaps this is another thing that he is trying to hide from us?

And this:

They say:The video on the right is an interview with Susan Blake, (the video has been removed) one of Stanley's friends form Mercer island, Washington, who recounts the visit from Stanley and Barry in August '61. The question is; what would a mother with a 3 wk old child be doing travelling at that time? Was she traveling on her way back from Kenya via Washington to Honololu? At that time, the international airport in Honolulu was just being built, and Stanley would not have been able to fly directly from Kenya to Honolulu, but only through Seattle.That article did not mention Susan Blake telling us that Stanley was excited about going to Kenya earlier.

It looks like it all converges! If the One thinks that he can conceal the truth forever, he is obviously wrong!


This long article appears to contradict some of my post on The Steady Drip. After reading it I think some of the interviewees simply misunderstood or were misled about the situation. Interesting none the less.


Wayne_from_Jeremiah_Films said...

I have added a link to this post from Obama Timeline said...

So if no entry/exit record is found, can we safely assume Obama was born in Hawaii and get on with something else?

Sam Sewell said...

I sure wish it was that simple. Everyday more and more people are becoming irritated with Obama for putting all of us through this unnecessary drama. I would imagine that he is not winning points at the SCOTUS either.

There is also the matter of college records, medical records, passport records etc.

From my way of looking at it the best evidence that Obama is not qualified to be President is the way he is hiding so much. If he were qualified why would he have anything to hide?

Obama's potential Presidency will be forever crippled unless he embraces the virtue of full disclosure. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Does anyone honestly believe that when all is revealed that Obama will still be president? Does anyone honestly believe that if all had been revealed before the election that Obama would have won the popular vote? If so, why did he hide so much? And if he hid things to get elected I think that is called election fraud which can be added to the charge of fundraising fraud.

scalefree said...

All hail Ed Hale, mighty Bigfoot hunter!

Sam Sewell said...

Yup, Ed Hale is a story teller and a unique character. Why did you mention him?

Loren said...

"The article at the link below reports that Ann Dunham visited Seattle and talked about being excited about Obama Sr. going back to Kenya for a visit."

Actually, no it doesn't. Which is an odd misreading, considering that the proper section was quoted in the post.

It doesn't say that this was mentioned during any trip of Ann's to Seattle; it doesn't mention any trip to Seattle at all (rather, a couple of paragraphs down, it simply says she had returned to Seattle by 1962). And it refers to Barack Sr.'s plans "to return to Kenya," not to go back "for a visit." And sure enough, when he finished college in 1965, he simply returned to Kenya for good.