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Breaking News? or another blind alley - Obama Sr. Divorce Papers

Some have recently complained about Plains Radio's Ed Hale, here and elsewhere. In my "Final Update" to the initial posting of the divorce decree story, I complained a bit too, but no one needs to cast a stone at Mr. Hale. He can become exhuberant. My advise: figure that in; he does, so should we. As I mentioned, he has never expressed full confidence that the divorce decree indicated a Kenyan birth for BHO II. I.O. noted one element of discrepancy between 1/30 and 1/31, as to how Mr. Hale may have heard about "Kenyan," or not. Let's call it an example of what can happen in the "telephone game" and move on.

Obama Divorce Papers, via - updating as it goes
The Barack Hussein Obama Sr. / Stanley Ann divorce papers are in the possession of Ed Hale and

Investigating Obama will likely be making numerous updates within this post, as the afternoon and evening proceed. You might expect some bad spelling, typos, and weird grammar.

2:25pm CT - Ed Hale has his FedEx package and has made sure that among others, attorney, Stephen Pidgeon is getting a copy. is to post it for public view at 8pm CT, tonight. Ed and others will be 'net audio-wise, too, as previously mentioned.

3:38pm CT - I.O. has gained a pre-release copy of image files of the divorce papers. (BTW, these are the previously unreleased Obama divorce papers, not the Soetoro divorce papers, for any who are still wondering.) I will be examining them over the next few minutes, but will withhold essential information as to how it pertains to BHO II until probably shortly before 8pm, as agreed with Plains Radio.

4:51pm CT - Someone I.O. is not naming has suggested listening to The Shags, while waiting for the Plains Radio broadcast. Hm. And I.O. confesses it would not have thought of that, but loves you all, too.

5:02pm CT - While, as stated, I will not yet divulge whether or not the divorce decree refers to the citizenship of Barack Obama (a.k.a., "The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers," as FReeper, Rodney Dangerfield has named him) I will say that this document is significant and do suggest listening to Plains Radio, tonight.

6:10pm CT - Ed Hale is on PlainsRadio live, now. He is proclaiming he has new information (that is beyond me at this point, but don't let that get you down) but will not state yet, what it is. He is exhuberant indeed. Go ahead and listen, if you can. He says they can prove now, that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. That is what he is saying. I'm just hearing. ;-)

6:23pm CT - Ed won't say what exactly he is speaking of, but he believes that one piece of information on the document has lead to further information. He also reports that four pages of the divorce decree information are missing and that he is working with his PI in Hawaii to get them. Also, that the Globe will be reporting further and interviewing him. (Remember, it was National Enquirer that found out about John Edwards.) And now, my PlainsRadio audio feed has gone out.

6:30 CT - I got the audio back. Ed Hale is convinced he can prove Obama was born in Kenya, with the further, undisclosed evidence. I believe he is convinced.

6:56 CT - It is the original Hawaiian birth certificate of BHO II that Ed believes he can somehow fish out of the Pacific islands. He purports it can be obtained with further work on the ground, now that some bit of information in this divorce decree has been discovered: a different name for Stanley Ann is listed there? I'll have to take another look at those documents.... And, whoever is on the ground may want to start eating out of vending machines and wearing kevlar -- just kidding about that, aren't I?

The Obama Sr. Divorce decree has been released: See the papers at IO web site:

This is a court declaration that BHO II is in fact the son of BHO I as has been "naturally" assumed. That means that Barack Obama is constitutionally disqualified from being U.S. President, as this Web log has repeatedly explained and has documented -- along with numerous lawyers, historians, and thoughtful Web surfers.8:28pm CT - Obama challenging lawyer, Stephen Pidgeon is on Plains Radio, now. His perspective will be quite interesting.

8:28pm CT - Attorney Pidgeon is essentially giving Ed Hale his legal assistance, on the air. Interesting times again, at Plains Radio. Pidgeon explains how BHO II is not a natural born citizen, if born abroad. Further, he explains how Obama's online "Certificate of Live Birth" (COLB) has been altered and in that way (among others, potentially) is invalid. Then, he explains how Hawaii COLB's are not birth certificates of the kind which are required for fundamental identification. Then, he explains how it is admitted knowledge that Stanley Ann's second husband, Lolo Soetoro adopted Barack, whose name was changed to Barry Soetoro and who was registered in an Indonesian elementary school as an Indonesian citizen.

9:45 pm ET - Aristotle here. The latest is that Mr. Hale claims to have dicovered Obma's Kenyan bith certificate as a Port of Entry document when his mother and Obama returned from Kenya shortly after his birth. We'll see. Stay tuned.

8:50pm CT - Pidgeon now explains once more how BHO I passed along U.K. citizenship to BHO II and how that disqualifies BHO II from being U.S. President (not a natural born Citizen of America, clearly a U.K citizen). Ed underscores this. Good for Ed. Nevermind the letter "D." for Dunham. Ed has the the letter from John Jay going for the cause. "This program is brought to you by the letter, Jay."

9:15pm CT - Now, Pidgeon explains how becoming an Indonesian citizen voids the status of natural born Citizen, requiring naturalization, if one is to then become an American citizen, again. And now, the discussion goes to this peculiar, new working assumption of Ed Hale has that there is a immigrant's birth certificate for BHO II on file in America and how to get a copy.

9:26pm CT - Now, Pidgeon discusses the natural born Citizen issue per the foreign father further... friends. There is a difference between controlling authority (law and precedent) and persuasive authority (original intent and meaning, informed by such things as contemporaneous documentation). Pidgeon discusses how the "hard" (my word) British citizenship of BHO II brings weight in terms of controlling authority, as well as the Donofrio doctrine of what Pidgeon refers to as persuasive authority. My personal take as a part-time student of history: the courts should/must defer to hard evidence of persuasive authority in such an instance as this, in order to maintain intellectual/epistemological honesty, though Pidgeon's point is hard-core clear, too.

9:46pm CT - Now, a caller's question is the effect of Obama potentially having an Indonesian student visa, when a college student and later. Also, did Obama have an American passport, when he travelled back to Indonesia, in 1981? Can this be discovered? [Yes, can this be discovered, or can it be certified that one does not exist? Can an Indonesian passport be discovered? Not many days left....] Other callers are asking other questions. Pidgeon is very informative.9:50pm CT - Pidgeon reminds us that the Wrotnowski case is still "pending" and procedurally alive.

he program closes, to the synthesized drum and bugle core music of the Hales' Lion's Den. It should become available as a streaming archive on the site. Stephen Pidgeon is to revisit Plains Radio on Monday evening. I am sure that Ed Hale and his Plains Radio compatriots will continue to pursue the immigration birth certificate issue and that we will hear more about it.And now, I will invite you to read further in your humble Investigating Obama and suggest that you look into the article in The Right Side of Life, "Dunham v. Obama: Document Confirms Fatherhood,, UK-Kenyan Colonial Law," for a recap of this evening's events, Internet discussion, and documentation. I'm going to read that article for the first time now, myself.I will take at least one more look into comments for this post, too. There have been numerous ones. Feel free to pass along this and other I.O. postings.

PS: 11:02pm CT - 1. It is a mistake to think that Ed Hale did not know that Stanley Ann's maiden name was Dunham. 2. It is also a mistake to think that these divorce records are not significant.

PPS: 12:03am CT - In this broadcast, it was mentioned that staunch defender of the Constitution, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas may be getting interested in standing up for Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, in Congress, January 8 -- and hopefully in prior discussions with colleagues. I repeat: we also need a U.S. Senator to protest for the Constitution, a.s.a.p.

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If Steven Pidgeon produces the document that proves obama and mother were at the US port of entry comming from Kenya about 3 days after his birth to me this proves he was born in Kenya. I am not correct? How can Obama refute this if document is real and can be verified by the courts?