Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DEMOCRATS WHO HAD THE courage to say NO!

DEMOCRATS WHO HAD THE courage to say NO! to their party on this stimulus package

Actually the truth is 27 Democrats voted NAY ......

The Associated Press reports that on the final vote, the legislation drew overwhelming support among Democrats while all but a few Republicans opposed it. Apparently, the truth is that zero Republicans voted for the bill.

New York Times says: “Without a single Republican vote”.
The Times says only 11 Democrats voted Nay, the number is actually 27.

Rep. Michael Arcuri [D, NY-24] Nay
Rep. John Barrow [D, GA-12] Nay
Rep. Robert Berry [D, AR-1] Nay
Rep. Dan Boren [D, OK-2] Nay
Rep. F. Boyd [D, FL-2] Nay
Rep. Bobby Bright [D, AL-2] Nay
Rep. Christopher Carney [D,PA-10]Nay
Rep. Travis Childers [D, MS-1] Nay
Rep. Jim Cooper [D, TN-5] Nay
Rep. Henry Cuellar [D, TX-28] Nay
Rep. Joe Donnelly [D, IN-2] Nay
Rep. Brad Ellsworth [D, IN-8] Nay
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords [D,AZ-8]Nay
Rep. Parker Griffith [D, AL-5] Nay
Rep. Paul Kanjorski [D, PA-11] Nay
Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D, OH-9] Nay
Rep. Frank Kratovil [D, MD-1] Nay
Rep. James Marshall [D, GA-8] Nay
Rep. Mike McIntyre [D, NC-7] Nay
Rep. Charles Melancon [D, LA-3] Nay
Rep. Michael Michaud [D, ME-2] Nay
Rep. Walter Minnick [D, ID-1] Nay
Rep. Collin Peterson [D, MN-7] Nay
Rep. Loretta Sanchez [D, CA-47] Nay
Rep. Heath Shuler [D, NC-11] Nay
Rep. Zachary Space [D, OH-18] Nay
Rep. Gene Taylor [D, MS-4] Nay

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Anonymous said...

It's called "controlled opposition",and it works in both the phony parties.Remeber the bailout?The system is wholly corrupt.