Sunday, September 13, 2009

URGENT! Congress has already investigated ACORN - report released in July

We haven't heard a word about this.  Have you?

Staff Report

U.S. House of Representatives

111th Congress

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

July 20, 2009

See the conclusion on page 73 at least:

V. Conclusion

American nonprofits generate $1.3 trillion in revenues, have assets over $2 trillion, and employ 15 million people.408 Nonprofits represent a substantial portion of the activities directed toward public service, a mission obstructed by the fraud of groups like ACORN.

On the basis of this Report, the legal protections distinguishing ACORN and its affiliates must be ignored because the ability to ascertain whether federal moneys are being walled off from ACORN’s political activities is impracticable. As a result, ACORN and its Council of affiliates represent a politically partisan lobbying organization. ACORN and its affiliates’ nonprofit exemptions and receipt of federal grants must therefore bear greater scrutiny.
Why hasn't this been all over the news?  Ok, stupid question; we all know why the news won't cover it, but we can!

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John Manuola said...

May I post this on my blog, giving you credit, of course?

Aristotle The Hun said...

O course! Any time. Please emphasise that people should actually read the report at the link!