Monday, September 20, 2010

Third and Final Installment of Pravda Obama Eligibility Story

Dear Sam,

I have just posted the final part III of your article on the main page.

I believe it will be just as successful as the previous two parts.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us. We do hope that our publications of your work gave many people food for thought.

If you ever consider sending more of your articles to Pravda, we would be glad to consider them.

Kind regards,

Dmitry Sudakov

Pravda.Ru English editor

· What we know for sure that makes aka Obama ineligible

There isn't one single, credible source that has any concrete facts whatsoever, that Obama was born in Hawaii. Here's a surprise! Hawaii's Department of Education has been unable to find AKA Obama's Kindergarten records. By this time maybe you are no longer surprised. Although Obama has had a first-class education that spanned 25 years, there is...

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Bill said...

Google is now reporting it as an attack site. I guess you really hit a nerve with the Obots