Friday, June 21, 2013

All Government has an Immoral Premise

All Government has an Immoral Premise

The essential premise of government is “do as we say or we will kill you”.

No matter how you look at it and no matter how petty your attempt may be to not do as they say, the result is the same. They will kill you.

Refuse to do as they say by not putting money in the parking meter.
Refuse to pay the parking ticket.
Refuse to go to jail or attempt to escape and they will kill you.

Would a person kill you over a parking ticket?  Not if they were sane.  But a government will kill you over a parking ticket, or not paying taxes, or jay walking or, etc.  We need more “person” influence and less government influence or we will surely perish.

“The Beast” That Was, and Is Not, and Yet Is
(Revelation 17:8)

Now, there is a riddle for you!  How could something have existed, but not really exist at all, and yet still exist.  I think a hint to solve the riddle lies in ersatz entities that are created as human concepts, and have no tangible existence what so ever. 

I remember a speech I heard by the flamboyant trial attorney, Gerry Spence.  He said, “I had a very successful career working for corporations and the government.  I won every case that went to trial.  Then I became aware that I was working for virtual, non-human entities that had no actual existence.  My clients were artificial, abstract ‘creatures’ whose only claim on reality was a concept or a contract defined by the laws of man.  I also noticed that when I won a case for a corporation or the government that real live human beings, with blood pumping through their veins and breath moving in and out of their lungs, were victimized by the ‘non-breathers.’  That is when I vowed never to have another non-breathing client for the rest of my career.  If you can’t fog up a cold mirror with your breath, I will not be your attorney.”

I think Gerry Spence solved the above riddle.  If it doesn’t breathe, it is “The Beast.”  If “The Beast” serves human needs it should be domesticated, cared for, and kept on a tight rein.  If “The Beast” intimidates human beings and expects the humans to serve “IT”, the time has come to bring out the cattle prods, and force ““The Beast”” back into submission. 

Metaphorically, American citizens are struggling with “The Beast” that has forgotten who is serving whom. I wonder if the right to bear arms includes cattle prods.  

Our elected leaders are expected to accept the responsibility of controlling “The Beast.”  Why do you think the Constitution has all those phrases, “The government shall not …”?

If, instead, our elected leaders begin serving “The Beast,” it becomes the responsibility of each individual citizen to ensure that “The Beast” is properly subordinated to ‘We the People.’  Many of our elected leaders are “Children of The Beast.”  Many of our citizens have become “Children of The Beast.”  They worship the glory and the power of “The Beast.” They accept gifts from “The Beast,” and they become dependent upon “The Beast.”  Evil compounded upon evil is the result of the nature of “The Beast” and the support of “The Children of The Beast.”

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