Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Obama ID Fraud Coverage From CSPOA In Missouri

- arrival at airport in Missouri -
Boots On Ground: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Obama 
ID Fraud Coverage From CSPOA In Missouri

Our reporter arrived at the airport and is headed to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention (CSPOA) being held in St. Charles, Missouri. He is now headed to the CSPOA Convention location to set up for Sheriff Arpaio's scheduledObama ID fraud presentation which begins at 4:10 PM Missouri time. Once the presentation is complete he will provide an update and get back to work.

If things roll smooth our reporter will try to provide updates during the actual presentation. He will be recording two camera angles and he is all by himself. So bear with us. We don't have the resources the big dogs have. It is a two man show working from two different states.

UPDATE 1: The Oath Keepers just dropped off our reporter at the convention location. Pics and more coming soon...

UPDATE 2: Video recorders ready to roll...

UPDATE 3: Sheriff Arpaio's lead Obama ID Fraud investigator Mike Zullo...

UPDATE 4: Mike Zullo now at the podium speaking...

UPDATE 5Here is the audio archive of the Obama SSN presentation - CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 6: Here is the audio archive from Mike Zullo's interview with Carl Gallups - CLICK HERE.



- STARTS AT 9:00 AM ET -


Also, Carl Gallups will have some coverage on his radio show Freedom Fridays starting at 5 PM ET. If you miss the live broadcastBirther Report will provide an archived version shortly after the live broadcast.


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