Sunday, June 9, 2013

The true Obama: Scandals are part of his character

Editors Note: Eventually a man's character shows up in his behavior and eventually his behavior will be revealed for all to see.  

How Do Dew Drop Warriors Fight Evil

Evil people have corrupted souls.  The evil they do is not restricted to the specific offense that is reported to us.  Almost always these perpetrators are evil in many aspects of their lives.  Frequently evil people are very careful to protect themselves from the consequences of their most obvious sins.  They also enjoy the protection of the ruling elite agencies with which they are affiliated.  For instance the standard protocol for redress of a grievance against an attorney is to make a report to the local bar association.  Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!. 

So, our tactic is to find the less obvious vulnerabilities.  Al Capone did not go to prison for his major sins of murder and other gangster activites.  He went to prison for tax evasion.  Bill Clinton was not impeached for compromising our nation’s security with the Chinese or having adulterous sex in the oval office.  He was impeached for lying.  Richard Nixon was not impeached for the Watergate break in, but for the cover up that followed.  John Edwards was not indicted for adultery committed against his cancer stricken wife but for improper use of campaign money.  You get the idea.

The true Obama: Scandals are of a piece

We, the conservative movement, tried to tell you. From the very start, we warned that Barack Obama was not the man he claimed to be. We were not making it up. We merely listened to him. Everything the country needed to know about how he would handle power was there for all to see. The dishonesty, the secrecy, the hubris, the personal detachment, all of it was evident as far back as 2007. But, oh, didn't he have charm?
Upon taking office, Obama wasted no time. The retribution began at once. The man who claimed the desire and the power to heal the nation after the divisive Bush years immediately overturned President Bush's compromise order on embryonic stem cell research, callously dismissing the deeply held beliefs of pro-lifers as wholly inconsequential. It was to be the hallmark of his governing style.
On Obamacare, he promised compromise, transparency and open, honest discourse. None of that happened. During the campaign he had vigorously opposed an individual health insurance mandate. Once in office, he swiftly changed his position and demanded one. Instead of transparency, we got a bill brought to the floor before anyone had a chance to read it, and rushed into law via old-fashioned, back-room arm twisting, the kind of politics he expressly campaigned against. The law was so vague and complex, the Speaker of the House said we'd have to pass it to find out what was in it. Last week disapproval of the law hit its highest level as Americans have slowly begun learning its contents.
Since mid-April, the public has been gradually educated about the depth of this President's disregard for civil liberties, as well as good and honest government that treats everyone equally.

Let us count the scandals: The politically massaged Benghazi talking points, the IRS harassment of conservative organizations, the EPA's leak of 80,000 farmers' private information to environmental organizations, the administration's fining or prosecuting of oil companies for killing protected eagles while letting wind energy firms off the hook for the same crime, the use of secret email accounts by top administration officials, the HHS secretary's solicitation of funds from companies she regulates, and now the revelation that the administration runs massive data mining operations of the sort Obama previously claimed to oppose.
You thought this President cared about civil liberties? You thought he could be trusted with expanded government power? Where have you been all these years?

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A patriot said...

Don't EVER call him "President," or if you do, put it in quotes, or accompany it with "putative," "usurper," "faux," "de facto," "Manchurian,"or something like that.