Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update: Shock Claim: Beck Has Hacked Emails Used To Blackmail Chief Justice John Roberts

Update: Shock Claim: Beck Has Hacked Emails Used To Blackmail Chief Justice John Roberts

Shock Claim: Glenn Beck Has Hacked Emails Used To 
Blackmail Chief Justice John Roberts Over Obamacare Ruling?

Before Its News has an anonymous source who has provided this information on the scandal Glenn Beck promises to reveal on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Here’s the GLENN BECK scandal that he will reveal within 24 hours…

It will be announced that hacked emails were used to blackmail and extort Chief Justice Roberts. Very embarrassing emails were obtained, and he was told to vote to declare Obamacare constitutional, or his family life would be destroyed. - Before It's News.

UPDATE 1VIDEO: ( hat tip Dougster )

UPDATE 2 VIA LEFTISTS @ RWW: "There was literally no mention on his program today of a whistleblower or any information that will take down the entire system ... so did Beck's promise of news that would rock the nation yesterday have nothing to do with this supposed whistleblower?

Was he talking about this immigration revolt the entire time and we simply got confused, thinking that he was promising a whistleblower? Because his whistleblower claims followed directly on the heels of his promise to rock the world with shocking news, so it seemed logical that this was what he was talking about." RWW.

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