Friday, June 7, 2013

'We are in the midst of a coup'

This week’s revelations about the federal government collecting massive amounts of communication data on American citizens has the nation’s most-listened-to radio voice saying President Barack Obama is leading a coup against the nation.
“What everybody knows and what nobody wants to come to grips with is we are in the midst of a coup taking place,” talk-show host Rush Limbaugh said Friday afternoon. “It’s almost on a par with [when I said] ‘I hope he fails.’ How does that sound now, by the way?”
“What’s wrong with calling it a coup?” he continued. “There’s a lot here to be concerned about.”
“This is the guy, don’t forget, convincing people that this kind of stuff was never going to happen here. … This is the guy who got elected president by telling us that what is happening now was never going to happen when he was president. … He got elected warning us that what was happening now was happening in 2008. … [Now] it’s more sweeping than it’s ever been.”
He pointed out that information gathering has already been used to target political supporters of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 election cycle.
“This is clearly an administration that wants to identify its enemies and then take action against them … take them out, whatever,” Limbaugh said.
Radio host Rush Limbaugh
A caller reminded Limbaugh that massive data collection has been employed by the federal government in recent years, but has not been used to help protect Americans, as in the case of the Boston Marathon bombing April 15. The U.S. government had been warned about the bombing suspects in advance by the Russian government but took no action against them.
“What good does having all this data do when you’re not going to use it?” Limbaugh asked.
“So why is it really being collected?”
“I dont wan’t to come across as a conspiratorialist. I’m not,” Limbaugh said.
“The thing that motivates a leftist more than anything else is eliminating opposition … and I believe that with every fiber of my body. … Obama’s purpose is the elimination of opposition. … He’s not interested in bipartisanship. He knows low-information voters practically have orgasms when he says ‘bipartisanship.’”
When asked by a caller what could be done to stop this “coup d’état,” Limbaugh said, “Conservatives need to take comtrol of the Republican Party [to win elections]. That’s what needs to happen. There isn’t going to be any impeachment.”

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