Friday, February 14, 2014

Are you a Birther? You will be after reading this

Are you a Birther? You will be after reading this…By Fred Brownbill.

Please click the link below and if you are not a Birther (I am), I believe you soon will be. 
I hereby call upon Congress to act in bringing this travesty to an end.  Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud.  He is not a Natural Born US Citizen.  He has no place being in the White House where he has done untold damage to our national defense, our military, our place in the world, our economy, our self respect, the middle class, our healthcare, the poor etc. 
The man has played the largest fraud upon this country and the world and has done it with the aid and help of the alphabet agencies, the FBI, the CIA etc who did not vet him or many of his Administration prior to any of his or their political appointments, the main stream media, including Faux News, Glenn Beck who has openly mocked Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his posse from Maricopa County Sheriff Office, Congress and all judicial branches.
(Please take the time to read the previous article on this site by activist Geoff Ross on Hillary Clinton for further proof that the CIA etc is a huge part of this fraud.)
America, we, the Save America Foundation are backing and promoting the May 16th American Spring. If Congress will not act to remove this treasonous, murdering Chicago style thug from the White House, then maybe People Power will.  It worked in Egypt and we can do it better and smarter.  Please follow all information on this American Spring on the Save America Foundation Face Book pages and this web site which will be updated regularly.
Take the time to read this following link, and prepare to be outraged as an American Citizen when you realize the depths that Obama and his helpers have gone to to complete the take over of our Constitutional Republic.
Molon Labe. 
Fred Brownbill  …  III%.  Oathkeeper.

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