Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Poll Proves Democrats Are Truly The Party Of Stupid

Poll Proves Democrats Are Truly The Party Of Stupid
by Ulsterman on February 18, 2014 with 0 Comments in News
Despite the Mainstream Media’s constant attempts to portray Democrats as the intellectual alternative to the knuckle dragging Republican simpletons, a new poll out shows that in fact, Democrats may very well be the party of stupid.  Have fun with this one…

A decidedly larger percentage of Democrats than Republicans don’t know that the earth revolves around the sun!

I made a joke just yesterday about this in which I said Barack Obama’s approval numbers are now about the same as the number of people who believe the sun revolves around Obama.

Now check out this other question which shows far more Democrats believing that Astrology is “scientific”:

What is interesting here is that Democrats, and certainly those in the Mainstream Media, are often seen mocking religious conservatives, and yet this poll indicates they are all too willing to believe in that Astrology is based upon science!

Which brings us back to the headline for this article:

“Love him or hate him, Frank Bennington is one of the most interesting new characters to come along in quite some time.”

After decades working within the murky political underbelly of the nation’s capital, hard living D.C. politico Frank Bennington finds himself out of a job, recovering from a heart attack, and wondering what the hell he’s supposed to do next.
Then a phone call from a long ago acquaintance gives Frank an opportunity to use his particular brand of talents and insights to reveal a cover-up with global implications. It is a scandal involving powerful and influential figureswho wish for the truth to remain hidden, and the lie tocontinue to be perpetrated, for it is a lie worth TRILLIONS of dollars to those who control itsmessage. In Frank Bennington’s new world of private investigations, dead men tell no truths, and that is exactly what his enemies hope to make of him.

“Bennington P.I. “Bonita” is the much anticipated follow up to D.W. Ulsterman’s novel, “The Second Oldest Profession”.

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