Saturday, November 11, 2017

False Rape Charges and Judge Roy Moore

False Rape Charges -

Evidently, the Washington Post did not check the archives of their own reporters before they did the hit piece on Judge Moore. Nor did they include the research on rape statistics or domestic violence to be included in their article. That is not what you would call fair and balanced journalism.

The rest of the story about the crime of rape is the crime of false rape charges.  Formal studies show a rate of false accusations that varies from 27% to 60%. These formal studies eliminated these three conditions before they were counted in the statistics:

1.           No corroborating witnesses, (her word against his).
2.           No physical evidence of a rape.
3.           Here's the tough one - before trial, the woman had to recant her testimony and admit she made it up.

So in order to be counted as a false rape charge, the accuser has to admit she lied, so we’re asking a woman who lied to admit that she lied in order to be included in the false rape statistics.

Incidences of false rape charges are actually much higher than the formal studies. One of the "informal" studies on false rape accusations was done by the Washington Post.   Not believing a press release about one of the formal studies, they sent reporters to interview police and DA's in suburban Maryland. The results?  About half of all rape charges were false.

Death threats were made against the reporter who wrote the article. Bomb threats were made against the newspaper. 

So just what makes victims, and/or their advocates, get so aggressive about defending their status as victims?  Are they really that attached to victimhood, or does it have something to do with fund raising for feminist causes?

Makes one wonder if they care or even feel guilty about the men facing false rape charges?  Is there a False Rape Hotline? Do they have "What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Rape" pamphlets, and counselors?  Or is their compassion, as well as their help, gender specific?

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