Monday, November 13, 2017

Reader comments - "The Adventures of Wonder Bunny"

Reader Comments on “The Adventures of Wonder Bunny” by Samuel Orrin Sewell

“Insightful, provocative, entertaining and helpful in the contemplation of the enduring question - why are we here?” 

“The book offers an explanation of the order of the universe that becomes an aha moment.” 

“I liked the variety of the three different subjects in the adventures.  Each of the adventures could be a book by itself.”

“This book is very cleverly constructed and deserves continuing contemplation.” 

“This book starts out as a fantasy adventure and proceeds to address many profound questions.” 

“I never thought a science fiction book would turn out to be one of the most important books I have read in my entire life.”

“It is so well written and chock full of goodies.  It has touched me deeply and had me crying and laughing (sometimes almost at the same time) with many other emotions in between.”

“As a fellow Mensan I was suspicious of the title WONDER BUNNY.  I thought it was a children’s book.  Boy was I in for a surprise.”

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