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Publication of a book is time-consuming. Many people have expressed a desire to obtain a copy of this exciting Sci-Fi Adventure before it is released from the publisher. So we have created a way for you to order a “read-copy” right away, in Word format, before it goes to print, for only $15. To order, click on Sam and Bunny’s name, below the picture.
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Reader Comments on
by Samuel Orrin Sewell   
“Insightful, provocative, entertaining and helpful in the  contemplation of the enduring question; Why are we here?” 

“These Adventures offers an explanation of the order of the universe, which becomes an intense ‘A-Ha’ experience.” 

“Intriguing diversity revealed in the three different subjects.  Each of the Adventures could be a book by itself.”

“Very cleverly constructed, deserving of continuing contemplation.” 

“What starts out as a fantasy adventure, proceeds to address many profound questions.” 

“I never thought a science fiction book would turn out to be one of the most important books I have read in my entire life.”

“Skillfully crafted. Chock full of thought provoking questions answers to lifelong questions.”

“As a fellow Mensan, I was suspicious of the title WONDER BUNNY, thinking it must be a children’s book.  Boy, was I in for a surprise!”

“Until now, I never knew how much I never knew!”

“Full of things I had never realized or even considered. Helped me put into words many insights that I have felt, intuitively.”

“Fascinating!  The anthropological  view of the world’s religions was very informative.”

“Very compelling.   The science was over my head, but was written in a way that explained the concepts you were trying to convey.”  

“Definitely gave me a lot of new things to think about in relation to my own mind and my world.”  

“By revealing more of what humans are capable of achieving, this book inspired me to be more of what I can be.”

“This would be a fascinating text to use for a book club, or even just in conversation with a few other open-minded people. Opens up consideration in the search for our purpose on this planet.”

Brief Biography of the author:
Samuel Orrin Sewell is a life member of Mensa, and Gifted Youth Coordinator for his local chapter; raconteur, has authored many published articles and books, is a psychotherapist, and past president of the Theological Center in Naples, Florida.

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