Monday, November 20, 2017

The Ancient Name of God, and the Hopi Indians
(an excerpt from THE ADVENTURES OF WONDER BUNNY, that you have been hearing about)

You will probably remember that I, Revelation Rooster, as an intergalactic anthropologist researching various cultures on planet Earth, discovered the explanation of the Earthly meaning of the name of God, as developed by the Zadok priesthood.

Over millennia, the word Yahweh was nearly impossible to translate in a way that included the full concepts implied in the name of the divine. Early bible translators nearly got it right by settling on the term “I AM” which presupposes a restriction on any attempts to define, or conceptualize. The early Zadok priesthood used the term Yahweh (YHWH) - probably the most accurate translation for the name of the divine - which contained an even more profound implication; that YHWH is the VERB (not the noun) “Being.” The verb YHWH thus assumes that God is not a person, place or thing, but divine activity in continuous motion. Thus, God is an ongoing event in our universe, not just a divine entity, or a static “thing.

My anthropological research revealed that the Hopi Indians understood this ongoing, flowing aspect of the omnipresent divinity, and demonstrated that awareness in their language, which is composed mostly of verbs, rather than nouns. Verbs are action words; events - not objects (persons, places, or things) - like nouns. Similarly you will hear those of us associated with the Intergalactic League using the term “in the razor-thin moment of now” when speaking of this awareness.

Let me illustrate.
·              Wonder Bunny is the name (noun) of our Super Hero friend. However, her pure essence is best described as the action verb of “Wonder Bunnying.”  
·              When referring to your spouse, your ordinary brain would perceive “spouse” as a noun. The more spiritually accurate term would see your partner as “spouse-ing” as a verb, rather than an object. (If you are not sure that your spouse is actually an ongoing, divine event, try relating to your spouse as an object!) J
·              An object, such as a table, is not merely a noun, but is exemplifying the action of “table-ing” in the razor-thin moment of now, right before your eyes!
·              The noun for the device I am using to write this is not just a noun - computer - but is more accurately described by the gerund form of the verb, “computer-ing.”
·              We soon come to realize that the entire cosmos is a divine event!

Another important implication of the nature of god, is that God exists outside of time and space. Since an event can only happen in the razor-thin moment of now, the Hopis did not have words alluding to our conceptualization of “time,” as they intuited that everything is happening in the ongoing present. Thus, the Hopis culture was constantly reminded of these awarenesses in the very way their language was constructed, by always speaking in the present tense.

Linguists call this type of language construction Linguistic Relativity.  For a brief, and fascinating explanation, see:  

The practice of using the Hopi language can be a helpful technique in putting you in touch with the divine essence of action, in the razor-thin moment of now. Simply begin using verbs in your inner self-talk and cognitive expressions, and notice how it switches your thinking from “things” to ongoing, divinely inspired motion in the present. (Probably not a good idea to use this exercise out loud among those who are unaware of your intentions.) J Are YOU-ing GROK-ing THIS-ing?

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