Friday, November 17, 2017

Understanding Sexual Harassment & Other Male/Female Interaction

Understanding Sexual Harassment
& Other Male/Female Interaction

Why do you think the tribal chieftain has fifty wives and the rest of the men in the tribe are lucky if they get mating leftovers?
The tribal chief is most likely an alpha male. Evolution is structured to advance all species. So the healthiest genes are most likely to advance the species. This is true for almost all the species on the planet. The dominant deer stag attracts a herd of does and the dominant silver-back gorilla has many mates. The alpha male lion has several female lionesses to mate with. The females in every species select alpha males as their first choice in mating behavior. If usually monogamous human females commit infidelity they usually cheat with alpha males.
Human female infidelity is significantly less than male infidelity and dramatically less than alpha males. If we eliminate the ethical conditions of this behavior we’re left with a conclusion that the advancement of the human species is facilitated by alpha male sexual behavior.
Another important factor that influences alpha male behavior is that human females are attracted to alpha males far more frequently than non-alpha men. Alpha males are almost never involved in intimidating or pushing female sexuality.  Alpha males don’t need to influence females to have sex with them – females have their own motives for having sex with alpha males. The males who commit sexual harassment are not alpha males. They are non-alpha men who are attempting to mimic alpha male behavior and no wonder their pushiness is unsuccessful and often resisted by women. Alpha male wannabes are not attractive to females.
Women will initiate sex with an alpha male and resist having sex with a non-alpha male, and that behavior is influenced by evolution. Human evolution is not advanced by mating with non-alpha males. Since only about less than 10% of males are alpha, and they are biologically designed to mate with as many females as they can find, it is not surprising that human mating behavior is proactively dominated by alpha males.
From an evolution point of view, if human mating behavior had been determined by females, the human race would have died a long time ago. So we can rationally conclude that sexual aggressiveness is initiated by non-alpha males.

And now you know why the tribal chieftain has fifty wives.

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