Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Networking tool yet - FREE to conservatives

A very bright entrepreneur, who is a strong patriot, has come up with a revolutionary idea to enhance our effectiveness, and he is offering it free to those who want to participate.


The attack on the American way of life and liberty is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact it is just ramping up. However, thanks to the Internet the American people are to be congratulated for not taking this lying down.

Now more than ever, whether individually, or through a multitude of organizations, coalitions, and networks, average voices are doing their darndest to come together to galvanize citizens on a plethora of issues, obtain consensus, then leverage consensus into action.

More people today are being instantly informed, enlightened, and empowered than any other time in history because they can no longer be kept in the dark. I would further suppose that is the very reason recipients are becoming very selective about where their information is coming from and how they are accessed. After all, we can absorb only so much.

All in all, the Internet is, and always will be effective. However, it is fast becoming top-heavy, splintered, and reaching a point of diminishing returns. Witness the exponential number of people who are opting not to compete with mega websites, but opting to daisy-chain information directly to your email Inbox instead. Get it?

If one finds themselves besieged by a lightning war such as the one we are confronted with today, it doesn’t make any sense to operate at a media and technology disadvantage when superior delivery of immediate information that facilitates instant calls to action by huge masses of people will do.

Did you know you can now download a revolutionary desktop application that instantly pipelines information directly to the masses without the need to access web pages and email?

Of course there is a whole lot more to it, but suffice it to say when it comes to Blitzkriegs this is exactly the technology and media Swiss army knife the people have long needed and have been waiting for to gain a superior information and communication advantage.

Traditionally, blog and email is picked up and passed virally onto the masses depending on the relevance of the information to the reader. The downside is this method, although effective in its own right, takes a certain amount of time and is dependent on the whim of the recipient to either read it or forward the information along. Effective, but a hit-and-miss proposition nonetheless.

Direct Desktop Communication solves the entire dilemma altogether. First, since recipients of information have likely separated themselves into a variety of subgroups based on their interest, they have essentially pre-qualified themselves as to what it is they agree to be exposed to and thus will download the portal that suits their tastes. Second, the challenge of collapsing both communication and time gaps, while maximizing message visibility is also solved because information is “published” one-time and instantly targets desktops and/or mobile devices. No need to wait for others to read (or not read) email to move the process along.

To make a long story short, imagine my surprise when I was contacted by John Gutierrez, President and CEO of MyPowerPad, LLC., and offered his new Onscreen Communicator technology for free.

Needless to say, I recognized the possibilities and an exhilarating discussion ensued.

I encourage other organizations to contact me and take MyPowerPad up on their gracious offer just as I did. In the meantime, please download my new OnScreen Communicator (OSC) to your PC desktop and become part of a communication revolution.

I encourage everyone to visit my Steady Drip blog and download my OSC to get a hands-on perspective of how it works. The instructions are on the page and you don’t have to worry about spyware, viruses, trojan horses or the like.

Click here to download. Select RUN when prompted, then follow install steps.

Afterwards, I can put you in touch with John.

What others are saying since I installed my FREE communicator

Thanks, Sam! Now I no longer need to rely on email nor remember to visit your blog to get the latest. With my busy schedule it is a blessing to have your blog ?visit me.?? Karen M. San Diego, CA

I send out vital email bulletins on a regular basis. I hate to think how many emails go unread because of Inbox overflow and how much of my good information goes unread. I can?t thank you enough for bringing my bulletins to the directly to the desktop with this new technology.?
Sandra H. Elmont, NY

Sam, my page views have increased substantially ever since I began using the OnScreen Communicator tool to publish my messages directly to my reader?s desktops. More often than not, people are eager to take advantage of instant information and click thru right on the spot.? Dennis I. Philadelphia, PA

Kudo?s my friend! When it comes to being seen and heard above the
growing Internet confusion this instant messaging tool has no equal.
I can?t begin to tell you how many people have contacted me to say what a refreshing change to have my information delivered directly to them. They say it is always a nice surprise every time a pop-up appears and how they look forward to the next. Thanks, for the intro!? Bill L. Jacksonville, FL.

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