Sunday, June 7, 2009

Comments on a Comment by Obot Named Bill

Comments on a Comment by Obot Named Bill

Usually I delete comments like this, but this one serves an instructional purpose so let me comment on the comment.

Here is the full content of a comment from a person named Bill:

"As a self-professed genius,... how long will it be before you realize that NO government agency is paying any attention to these Fake Grand Jury indictments/presentments? Why are Obama supporters supposed to be worried about the Fake Grand Juries, when the grownups are completely ignoring them?"

Now, let’s dissect Bills thoughts and examine them one at a time:

“As a self-professed genius, I'm wondering”

Bill begins with a classic example of poor English by mistakenly attributing the subject of the sentence to himself rather than his intended target, me. (So, Bill you think of yourself as a self-professed genius?) He got the first comma correct, but the second comma should be a semi-colon “;” to separate the introductory phrase from the body of the sentence rather than the “,...” that he used because he didn’t know what to do. If Bill had used a grammar checker it would have been unable to decipher Bill’s intent.

Besides I knew he couldn’t be talking about me because I have been declared as having a genius I.Q. by several testing methods as well as Mensa the International High I.Q. society (Life Membership # 1061487).
• IQ Ratings OF 115-124 Above average
• IQ Rating OF 125-134 Gifted
• IQ Ratings OF 135-144 Highly gifted
• IQ Score OF 145-154 Genius
• IQ Score OF 155-164 Genius
• IQ Scoring OF 165-179 High genius
• IQ Scoring OF 180-200 Highest genius
• IQ Scoring OF 200 or above Immeasurable genius

My I.Q. of 168 puts me in the “High Genius” category or a percentile rating of 99.998 as “professed" by others, not me. Where is Bill on that list? I guess he is a “self-professed genius” just like he said. Take heart, Bill, being a genius isn’t all its cracked up to be. I make lots of mistakes and sometimes I am downright foolish. I'm not very good at spelling or grammar either. I had to ask my wife to explain what was wrong with the English in your comment. Also, I didn’t get into Mensa on the basis of my math scores. But when you are in the top 2% the other 95% don’t really matter. :-)

“how long will it be before you realize that NO government agency is paying any attention”

Bill made this comment about this post which shows and indictment against AKA Obama filed with the Clerk of Court in Lavaca County Texas; notarized and certified as a legal document filed by the Clerk of Court. Note that he even capitalized the word “NO” while commenting on a post documenting that a government agency was “paying attention”. What could Bill have been thinking? Or maybe he wasn’t thinking.

“to these Fake Grand Jury indictments/presentments?”

Why use the word “Fake”, Bill? Here we see the symptoms of an Obot PSYOPS agent manifested. Go ahead and click the link, Bill. You will discover that many people have discovered the tactics of Obot PSYOPS agents and are exposing their false logic and flimsy propaganda.

To educate uyourself about how the constitution and Supreme Court Justices see that these Grand Juries are very real go to this link:Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters .

“Why are Obama supporters supposed to be worried about the Fake Grand Juries”

Bill, let me answer your question with another question. If they aren’t worried why do they keep coming by my blog and leaving inane posts like your’s?

"when the grownups are completely ignoring them?"

Bill, for the moment let’s forget the snide element of your standard Obot PSYOPS agent tactics and focus on your implication of “grown ups” supporting Obama. I would guess that you already know the grown ups did not support AKA Obama. SEE: Stupid is as stupid does - IMPORTANT! AND HERE: Uninformed voted Obama - Informed voted McCain - Poll...Who Elected Obama?

The non-producers and the non grown ups got conned by a big city con man and we are all paying for it. However, there is still hope, Bill. If you and the other non-producers and non grown ups would come to your senses and support the Citizen Grand Jury movement we can still correct the “One Big Ass Mistake America” O.B.A.M.A. Get Rid of Obama = Get Rid of Pork and Socialism

The evidence to support the indictments against AKA Obama is summarized here: AKA Obama Fans: All together now – say OMG!!

Now what will the Obot PSYOPS agents do?

Let me Guess; ridicule, name calling, personal attacks and changing the subject.


Opus #6 said...

Thank you for publicly dissecting this comment. Educational.

Greg Goss said...

Blogging; Fun!

Reading inane comments; Comical!

"B" Slapping an Obot; Priceless!

Bow said...

Awesome, Sam! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

lol.....yup, it's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.

Very well done.