Thursday, June 11, 2009

REPOST - COLB - receipt is in the mail?

COLB - receipt is in the mail?
From a correspondent of mine:

Here is another thing to consider. The COLB that Obama offers as his proof (and has been deemed unreliable) just showed up without explanation. There is nothing from the State of Hawaii about Obama requesting a copy of his BC. Obama, nor the DNC has come forward with evidence of a request for the copy so where did it come from? These cost $10 to get and if requested via the phone would have had to use a credit card or sent a check or money order by mail, yet, nothing is, or ever has been, offered as proof of even a request for the copy. Someone could have said here is a CC receipt, or a canceled check, or the remitters copy of a MO.

Someone should have this without a doubt.

This is something that could even be forged easily but not even a forged receipt of any kind has been offered.

The reason for this is that Obama’s COLB is a forgery and no one even thought to forge a receipt for it from Hawaii.[/quote]

Really good point. Why didn’t I think of that?

Q: Is that COLB a false document like some people are claiming?

A: No, of course not, here is the receipt for the COLB from the State of Hawaii.

Given the significant increase in warnings and delusional, irrational, obscene, threatening comments from Obama supporters I would conclude that they think the Grand Jury tactic is a real threat.

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