Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obots will say anything, true or invented

Obots will say anything, true or invented

What the Obot said as a comment on this blog, complete with creative Obot spelling. BTW, this guy/gal is posting from a PROXY IP address like many Obot cowards do.

Note to Birfers Crowing About Texas Grand Jury

Call District Clerk of Lavaca County Calvin Albrecht and ask him about it. He says the clerk who accepted the "presentment" had only been on the job two months, and made a mistake by accepting it. He says the District Attorney of Lavaca County, Heather Hollub and the Texas Attorney General are aware of the "presentment," and that it may violate the Texas law against phony legal documents. Whoever "filed" it may face criminal charges in the near future.

Better luck next time, genius.

What really happened:

Today I returned to the Lavaca County, Texas, court clerk's office to get a certified copy of the presentment I'd filed Monday, for purposes of contacting the County Attorney to get the ball rolling on an indictment.

The clerk, whom I'd not met, came in with my presentment in hand, and in a barely civil manner asked what "this" was. I told him, whereupon he pointed to a notice on the wall which read "It is a crime to file a fraudulent document with this court," and told me that's just what I had done, according to "the judge."

I told him about the mention of the citizen's grand jury in the Bill of Rights, and about how in 1946 during revision of some court laws/regulations the word "obsolete" had been used and subsequently connoted to mean illegal, and about how in 1992 (quoted USA vs. Williams) Justice Scalia had reaffirmed the viability of the citizens' grand jury as historically legal, appropriate, intentionally separate from the court's jurisdiction and control, and finally that he said it was the buffer between the government and the people, as the Fourth (and senior) Branch of Government, as defined, "We The People."

Glad I remembered all that, because he calmed down a little, told the assistant to give me a certified copy, and wished me luck in our endeavor...
said "Between you and me, that's how I feel, too."

So. I'm writing only you about this incident, and suggesting that if you
think it's a good idea to publicize the incident, do so, with the accompanying suggestion that people take along with a presentment to be filed a copy of Leo Donofrio's article, "The Federal Grand Jury Is The Fourth Branch" to help their cause (or at least keep their picture from being posted on the post office wall !).

This afternoon I'm going to give the clerk a copy to settle his bowels further.



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