Friday, June 26, 2009

Surprise caller with news from Iran - way to help

Surprise caller with information about Iran and a suggestion on how to help those involved in the struggle.

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Our surprise caller gave us some important information:

You can get the latest news from Iran by following the instructions below. Perhaps more importantly you can help those involved in the struggle by creating a cover for their Twitter accounts. If thousands of people sign on as instructed below it makes it more difficult for the Iranian authorities to identify protesters who are using Twitter accounts.

Please open a Twitter account (just in case you already don't have one) and change your account's time zone to GMT +3:30 and your Location to Tehran, Iran. This will create a large number of "dummy" accounts from Tehran and makes it much more difficult for security forces to trace and find those brave young students who are twitting from Iran.

Here is the instructions on how to : 1- Open an account on Twitter .Go to 2- Once your account is set up , click on " setting "(right top corner of the screen) 3- Select GMT +3:30 ( Tehran ) under time zone drop down. 4- Type “Tehran, Iran “in location text box. Kindly forward this directive to all your e-mail recipients and THANKS in advance for your assistance.

Also: More up to date news on Iran is here:

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Leo the Lawyer said...

This Broadcast is ASTONISHING!

Could you edit it to start with the Iranian Freedom Fighter?

Also didn't want to clink on the RUBBISH from Mr. Turner to leave a comment but it FULL of bo campaign DISINFORMATION.