Monday, June 29, 2009

Help Wanted: truth about Barack Obama's birth

"Help Wanted: Information leading to the truth about Barack Obama's birth."

WorldNetDaily seeks information, both material and anecdotal, which will reveal the entire truth regarding the circumstances of the birth of President Barack Hussein Obama.

1. We seek the original Hawaiian "vault record of birth" for Obama, if one exists;
2. We seek the certificate number of the original "vault record of birth" for Obama, if one exists;
3. We seek original or certified copies of older vault indexes, for the year 1961, where the name Obama may or may not appear on the vault list or records index;
4. We seek evidence and testimony from anyone who may have witnessed Obama's birth – in Hawaii or elsewhere;
5. We seek Hawaiian hospital records and testimony from attending doctors, nurses and others who may have actual knowledge and evidence regarding Obama, which will either prove or disprove a Hawaiian birth;
6. We seek to know if the Hawaiian state records show a Kenyan or other foreign record of birth for Obama and was perhaps reregistered in Hawaii, which was previously legal in Hawaii for limited purposes in 1961;
7. We especially seek the testimony of genealogists, archivists, records clerks, investigators, and others who may have unique knowledge of the original Obama birth records from 1961;
8. We seek unimpeachable physical evidence and testimony, and you will be asked to submit to interviews and a polygraph test. Your identity will not be revealed to the press without your permission;
9. We will negotiate a fair reward for your information, evidence and testimony.

Please contact Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WorldNetDaily, by emailing him –

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