Sunday, August 23, 2009

Research Help - Maya Soetoro - AKA Obama's Sister

Maya was born August 15, 1970 in Jakarta, Indonesia of an Indonesian father and an American mother.

That we know for sure!

There have been various stories about Maya and her birth certificate, however I have so far found no evidence to support these stories

Maya and her mother returned to Honolulu in 1973 for three years.

Dunham took young Maya back to Indonesia in 1976 to live with Soetoro's mother, while Barack moved into his grandparents' apartment

Maya enrolled at the Jakarta International School and then, at age 14, returned in 1984 to enter Punahou in Honolulu, graduating in 1988.

She is reported to be an American citizen.

Did her American mother automatically confer American citizenship on Maya even though she was born in Indonesia and had an Indonesian father?

Does anyone have documentation that Maya is an American citizen?

If she is authentically an American citizen by what means did she obtain citizenship.

I am looking for documentation not theories or opinions.

Aristotle the Hun


smrstrauss said...

Maya is now a naturalized US citizen.

Aristotle The Hun said...

smrstrauss said...
Maya is now a naturalized US citizen.

Is that an opinion, a rumor, an urban legend, an Internet hoax?

I need documentation, not unverified claims.