Monday, May 24, 2010

Clearing the Smoke on Obama’s Eligibility Updated

Clearing the Smoke on Obama’s Eligibility Updated

In December ‘08 a retired CIA officer commissioned an investigator to look into the Barack Obama birth certificate and eligibility issue. On July 21, 2009 obtained a copy of the investigator’s report and published it. Thousands have since read the report. The report is featured as one of the Key Documents on the website that is maintained by the American Patriot Foundation that supports Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin.

Lieutenant Colonel Lakin is refusing to deploy as ordered to Afghanistan until Obama permits the Hawaii Department of Health to release his original birth certificate to support the claim that he is a natural born citizen and thereby meets the eligibility requirement for his office mandated by the Constitution. This may lead to Lakin’s facing a court-martial.

Much new information has surfaced since the original publication and the investigator recently submitted to us an updated version of the report. Even if you have read it before, please consider reading the updated version that includes this new information. The situation for Lt Col Lakin is grave and we salute his courage, and we reaffirm the accuracy of this important research.—The Editors

Clearing the Smoke on Obama’s Eligibility

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Story Reports said...

Interesting story. I added this information to my blog. My take is obama was an illegal alien for 33 years until 1994 because of his possible birth outside of the US. All that was needed was a drivers license to prove your Hawaiian residency in 1961. Anyone could have got a "birth certificate" even an illegal alien. I don't believe obama can produce an original birth certificate. I don't believe Hawaiian officals can prove obama is a US citizen.

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