Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Constitutionally Speaking" radio show now available on-line

The direct soundcloud link for Nov 30th “Constitutionally Speaking” radio program is:
Sam Sewell, owner of Best Self USA nationwide counseling and life skills training center, returns to join Dave Shestokas in speaking with Loren Enns, who is author of the “Sword Of Liberty,” and a director of I Am American, a bipartisan group working to secure 34 state applications under the Constitution’s Article V.
Mr Enns clarified the goals, debunked the objections, and defined a clear path to bring America a long-needed balanced budget Amendment to our Constitution.
Loren J. Enns is a computer engineering instructor by trade and a concerned American.  He teaches the latest technologies from Microsoft and Cisco to information technology engineers.  Enns majored in Criminal Justice at the University of Nebraska.  As Loren observed the reckless manner in which government continues to run up the national debt, he became alarmed at the inevitable danger to America. His training in the art of complex problem solving led to his study of the philosophy of America’s founders in search of a solution. The results include his authoring and publication of the fascinating novel “The Sword of Liberty.” (Amazon link)
David Shestokas’ review of Loren's book: and some background on Article V:

Sam says: I went from being a curious skeptic to an enthusiastic supporter. I ordered the book right away and offered to help promote Loren Enns’ efforts to create a constitutional convention.

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