Friday, January 17, 2014

Party of Personal Irresponsibility - AKA Moonbats

Of course, I have said this all along about the fans of the Party of Personal Irresponsibility. They embrace evil, parasitism, perversion, and failure and through moral equivalency, political correctness, and communism seek to elevate the profane not merely to equal but to privileged status. If you're not a Muslim, on Welfare, Gay, or a victim of "racism" (aka somebody 150 years ago is still holding you back) you don't belong in the "privileged class" which is one step from the top below the "political" class (but of only leftwing politicians, thank you very much).

The country is degenerating through the combined plagues of fiscal irresponsibility, support of policies of abject failure (manmade global warming, public union theft, bailout-fascism, the moronic Obamacare, etc), embrace of Islam (ironically by what David Mammet calls the dumbest Jews on the planet--those in Hollywood--and by gays who would be the first to be executed if Islam had its total way in America--as Sharia stealthly is added to our Jurisprudence), the rewarding of failure, the rewarding and subsidizing of the lazy, and the corrupt, along with of course all the other policies led by the Chief Moonbat Faux-Black Grifty O'Parasite's evolving Dictatorship which at its heart essentially involves the worship of big government-knows-best and the despising of liberty and personal responsibility unless first approved, taxed, regulated, and micromanaged by corrupt inept and insane bureaucrats beyond the reach of any voters or trial attorneys for removal/redress.

Remember, Moonbats have pens and phones! Whatever kind of totalitarianism they decide is best for you, whether it is the racist extortion of Sharpton, Jackson (and Grifty O'Parasite in his cheerleading outfit--makes Reggie Love swoon dontchya know), or the militant homosexual agenda to teach 5th graders how to give oral sex, embrace their opposite gender, and shower and poop together in the same locker rooms, or the call to raise the minimum wage so that no business owner can afford to do anything but reduce the number of employees, further making resume building by the young impossible, and thousands more of the most retarded planet-backwards policies anyone could ever think of (except when your life is lived in perpetual opposite day), they want to give you the choice: you can have whatever communist flavor you like as long as it's red. And please don't forget, government knows best, and you are incapable of being an adult.

30 years past the Orwellian target year of 1984, liberals, with an assist from the RINOs in the GOP, are making their "despotic for your own good dream" come true...turning the USA into one big "promise zone" promising chiefly to eradicate poverty by making everyone (except the politicians and their cronies on Wall Street) so poor that everyone is "rich" relative to each other in the fusion of middle and lower classes. Curious about what such a promise zone will look like? See: DETROIT. Or any country in Africa--especially the ones with cannibals eating Christians, Muslims burning Christians, and blacks murdering whites and stealing their land.

Theft is the essence of Modern Liberalism and our national credo since 1913.

Sadly, modern Republicans are siddled up to and in full head-submersion at the same trough which interconnects every worker's pocket and may soon be linked up to your retirement accounts which the saphrophite will then drain for your protection, in the name of fairness, and because the Sheeple have allowed this kind of moral and ethical decay for more than 100 years.

Both major parties continue looting the country, destroying liberty, ignoring the Constitution, and gutting and mis-using the military. 

No end in sight of such lunacy as Social Welfare, the Patriot Act, Illegitimate police actions wasting blood and treasure overseas, Domestic Spying, The Gestapo and TSA effort to look closely at every non-suspect who flies or exercises their rights except of course those actually building bombs here, and soon the inevitable hyper-inflation or default on debt (one of the two is inevitable for any person, city, state, or country if you spend money you do not have and is not due to come in during the next millennia). 

Broke, perverted, subjugated, violated. These are the high goals of the Moonbats for their serfs (the sheeple). Entitled, wealthy, all-powerful, and immune from criticism, responsibility, and consequence are what the left invokes as a chronic Droit de Seigneur of finance for our rulers. 

It's time to END politics as we know it. END this charade. No more unlicensed unregulated dictators and untouchable bureaucrats and malignantly spreading agencies and insane policies beyond our veto power.

No more government as charity. No more anti-semitic anti-capitalism pro-evil United Nations. No more playing world cop. No more allowing any Islamic country to attain nukes or pretending Islam is anything more than a malignant death cult of perversion and insanity. No more prohibitions (they all fail while enriching the most evil and most violent). No more public unions. No more toleration for failure or excuse-making. No more life-terms for judges. Accountability for all who rule. Personal responsibility for all who invoke victimhood. Liberty to all who are otherwise subjugated.

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