Saturday, February 1, 2014

Free Markets = Personal Freedom

Chru Blue
Feb 1, 2014

The infamous Rodney King famously said, “Why can't we all just get along?”
Well, somewhere deep in the collective consciousness, the answer has been there all along: It doesn't serve the objective of the Adversary for us to “all get along”. So let's consider the adversarial system. It can be used for growth and it can be used for retardation of growth. Our legal system is based on the adversarial system. On one side we have the Prosecution and on the other is the Defense. Our critical reasoning skills are designed the same (when they haven't been compromised by propaganda and indoctrination). We should consider both sides of an issue to arrive at a balanced solution, action, or in some cases, opinion.

This is the “fair” way to conduct personal behavior, choices and outward activity. Everything actually starts with personal choice. So why is there so much dissension, disillusionment, disappointment, dissatisfaction...conflict?    When people are in a constant state of unrest and upheaval, they are easier to manipulate and bring under control. So, if one side of the “Coin” inspires conflict, the other side of the “Coin” should inspire harmony...right? But what if you have 2 sides who are equally opposed to freedom? Is there a third side? Frankly, yes there is.

There are times when the 2 sides of the coin present themselves to be adversarial, but in truth, they are both steered by a common goal: CONTROL. They just don't want you to know it. This is why people are feeling so trapped. So confused...and it is all part of The Plan.

Recently, there was a big to-do over a simple television add for Cheerios. It presents a bi-racial family, Father and Mother, who are breaking the news to their young daughter, that soon there will be a baby brother in the house. The Dad moves a little Cheerio toward the little girl and says, “In a family there is a Dad” (and he moves another Cheerio close) “and a Mom”. He moves another Cheerio toward the little girl, “and there is a little girl...” and he moves another toward the little girl and says “and soon there will be a baby brother!” The little girl considers this for a moment and then moves another little Cheerio toward the small group and replies “...and a puppy”.

While we all chuckle at the little girls acumen to negotiate a near checkmate, there is another message here. It is ok to love one another without prejudicial behavior based on sex or skin color, or in the case of the little girl, species. Pure love and understanding never sees such obstacles. Love is a form of acceptance without judgment ( caveat: this has nothing to do with a tolerance of unnatural choices).  Here's the rub: The division artificially created between the opposing sides of the coin to influence human behavior, bias and thought see an opportunity to create more even the spin masters go to work.

MSNBC came out with a scathing “tweet” that the Conservatives would hate the Cheerios ad because of the installation of a bi-racial family premise. Unfortunately, the “Left” didn't think through to the conclusive possibility that there were bi-racial people, families and partnerships on the “Right”.

People CHOOSE what they will. Sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly. I am reminded of the scene in “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade” at the end of the movie, where a greedy treasure hunter, Indiana Jones and a gorgeous blond scientist/traitor to both sides, finally reach "the inner sanctum", where the suspected Holy Grail/Cup of Christ is located among many other cups, along with an ancient Templar Knight who is guarding the cups. The ancient Knight (who has been given unnaturally long life) says, “You must choose...wisely”. As an audience, we are immediately psychologically conditioned to believe it is up to the individual person to choose which cup is the right one, take it and dip it into the elevated cistern of “Life Giving” water. So...
The traitorous blond says to the greedy treasure hunter, “I will choose for you” and she picks a magnificently ornate and bejeweled cup for him. The greedy treasure hunter accepts it willingly, mesmerized by it's beauty. He says, “Surely this is the cup, It is exquisite!” He dips it into the water and drinks: after a brief moment of satisfied acquisition, he begins to change into a hideous monster and decays to dust on the spot. The ancient Knight says “He chose poorly”.

Moral of the story: All that glitters is not necessarily healthy for you...Life is about choices. We can choose the bright and shiny spectacle, or we can choose the safe and less ornate Truth. One brings Darkness and the other brings Light. But what if the Darkness is disguised as light? What if we are psychologically conditioned to think that something is true when it is actually a lie, dressed up to look like the truth?

That is the struggle that has been going on since the garden of Eden (if you are personally inclined to accept the Biblical proposition of such)...the choice between right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, obedience to God or the forsaking of His Commandments. The Adversary wants you to reject what God indicates is the right way to live, think and behave. He wants you to behave as if there is no judgment, no condemnation, no Superior Creator being, except, of course, himself. He plays on your emotions to do it...he does not appeal to your critical reasoning skills, because he knows that you are smart and you will figure him out. So he attacks your weaknesses..and those weeaknesses are usually in the department of emotion.

This is the chaos that currently envelopes our planet. The struggle for the control of the minds of men (and of course women). The Agenda is to drive an everlasting wedge between the genders, the “rich” and the less well off, the youthful and the elderly. The agenda is to DIVIDE people into regions and areas, classes, thoughts,  beliefs and faiths...the goal of the current adversarial System is complete and utter conflict! Divide and Conquer. But, the Adversary forgot one thing: Man was and is created by an omnipotent His image, no less. Which brings us to the premise of Free markets and Personal Freedom .

We were given choice and free will, with only one restriction: Adhere to the Commandments of God. The Adversary desires to eliminate that, so that we can be conditioned into his diabolical plan to eliminate us who are “in his way” of eternal power! This is because he is greedy, envious, prideful and a LIAR.

Love one another as yourself. Does this mean that I can't love another human being because of his or her skin color? Choice of religion? Vegan or meat eater? Conservative or liberal? German or Australian? Alaskan Eskimo or Brazilian? No. We are to live and let live, as long as the other person's choices do not impose upon our own, or ours upon them; as long as others' choices do not injure us physically, emotionally or spiritually, or worse. That which God has given, no Man can take away. Since we were given free choice by God, man cannot and at the very least SHOULD NOT restrict such choice in any way, except by the Laws of our Constitutional Republic, which were originally founded upon the precepts of the Ten Commandments.

Yet we are constantly bombarded day after day with persuasion, propaganda, behavioral modification, psychological indoctrination, conflict, chaos...choices between what someone says is the right way to think and what someone else says is the wrong way to think. It's no wonder our society is a mess...we've all been artificially conditioned to be bi-polar!

Our own government has taken the position that they know what is best for us and we are too stupid to make good decisions for ourselves. The almighty Government has taken absolute control over nearly every aspect of our lives and we are constantly being conditioned to believe that THEY are the Guiding Masters who will bring us to Utopia... a Paradise of equality. They will create and have created an environment where we won't have to think about choice, we can “trust them” to give us what we need, at their discretion of course. After all, there must be an equal distribution of all things for the common good; for social "justice"; equal rights, a level playing field!


When MSNBC, NBC. CBS. ABC, Fox or any other so-called “news” source attempts to impose it's belief system on us, by saying this person/group is bad and this person/group is good, believe it NOT! We are no different than our neighbor, we are just further along the path of personal acquisition and growth...maybe.

The Adversary wants us to be selfish, except with our money and labor. He will take that from us because he knows better how to distribute it among those in need, even if those in need were made that way because he lied to them about their opportunities to be self sufficient. Self sufficient people can live quite well without government. Self sufficient people labor to increase, and therefore better their own situation and holdings. Self sufficient people help others through charity. People are basically good! It's the Adversary that whispers into our ear to be...adversarial! The whisper of "you should feel VERY guilty because you are successful and there are starving, homeless unfortunate people in this world who aren't and you owe them a portion of your possessions...YOU OWE IT!" This is nothing more than psychological manipulation and the Controllers do it to "us" every day in a thousand different ways. Don't buy into it. It's a LIE! 

Millions of people give abundantly through their churches, charities, foundations for the lifting up of various portions of our populations, by way of their unselfish compassion... Governments do it to us by force and coercion.

The freedom to choose makes people better, not worse. Those who do not choose wisely are restricted by laws that rightly punish their offenses. True justice is blind to economic/social status, skin color, religion and nationality. Such justice is a natural deterrent that works. The freedom to spend what we have earned in financial capitol on what we choose to purchase in the marketplace is our business, not the government's business. It is not the governments position to tell us what we can and cannot purchase, or design a system that eliminates the free market, thus eliminating our choice. It is NOT within their constitutional right and it certainly isn't their human right.

The Adversary's Government has grown into a strangling Leviathan, because of the Controllers who want you to be utterly dependent on them for your survival. How much more will you allow them to take from you?

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