Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Unique Medical Circumstances

Mr. Sewell’s Unique Medical Circumstances
Mr. Sewell’s brain bleed was the result of an iatrogenic induced delay in treatment.  The most common stroke is the ischemic stroke, usually caused by a clot or blockage, resulting in lack of blood flow to the brain. Far less common are hemorrhagic strokes, resulting in bleeding into the brain.

Mr Sewell’s iatrogenic brain bleed is similar to a hemorrhagic stroke, caused by bleeding into the brain, but is unique in genesis and symptoms.

Seeking legal counsel or negotiation advocacy  

Medical Summary attached ~ Please read and share!

Here is a three page summary of records and research about the damage that was been done to Sam, due to medical incompetence. We are asking for your help in locating an honorable attorney or mediator who will negotiate a settlement for us.

People whom you contact may not know Sam, so here is a third party biography written by a local journalist.

The facts are well established; we are hoping a settlement might be negotiated without a lawsuit.

Contact Sam or Bunny Sewell

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