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CNN/US Boss Is An Obama Agent - Hawaii does the avoid/evade dance

CNN/US Boss Is An Obama Agent

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Yesterday's stuff contained a statement extracted from an email memo composed by CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein and sent to a handful of "Lou Dobbs Tonight" staffers.

In the email, Klein states that birth data is now in electronic form and, "It seems this story is dead -- because anyone who still is not convinced doesn't really have a legitimate beef."

Klein's memo clearly implies that, because birth data is now in electronic form, the COLB, produced from this electronic data, is all there is. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can take it to the bank, Hawaii maintains an archive of Certificate of Birth documents.

Steve Cee decided to confirm if Klein's statement were factual and sent a series of emails to the State of Hawaii -- here are their replies, that contains facts that lay lie to Klein's assertions.

Hawaii's initial response to Steve's request for a copy of a long-form birth certificate was the standard crap we've been hearing for several months now, that "We issue only a computer-generated copy of the certificate, with limited information."

Unsatisfied, the tenacious Steve decided to to inquire further and dig deeper. Identifying himself as a genealogist, Steve specifically asked, "What does a person do in order satisfy (sic) a Long form or Vault requirement? Prompting the State of Hawaii’s second, and more detailed, reply, that provides the process necessary to obtain a copy of a vault-copy Certificate of Birth.

"The only records that can be photo-copied are those with diacritical marks which cannot be printed by computer. Otherwise, it would require an order signed by a judge specifying what record was needed..."

In every single statement coming out of Hawaii, the words are carefully chosen and structured, but this one clearly says, if you got a judge, we got the document. Eligibility
7/26/09 Hawaii Dances Around The Truth

Janice Okubo's comment to John Klein, "In 2001 -- the state of Hawaii Health Department went paperless," is being used by the Obot community AND Hawaii to imply that Hawaii no longer has vault-copy Certificates of Birth. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Documents may be batch scanned into a microfiche system, but the data in a computer database, converted from Hawaii's Certificate of Live Birth must be hand entered -- keystroke, by keystroke. The document can't be scanned because there is typed, stamped and hand-written entries on that document, and those entries are placed randomly within the document's fields.

According to the 2000 Census, there were 1,211,537 residents in Hawaii -- 999,308 were born there -- that's one million birth certificates that had to be handed encoded as part of Hawaii's transition to a "paperless" system.

There's approximately 50 entries that need to be transcribed from each document (names have several parts), so that's 50,000,000 transcriptions. Some of the data, such as "date of birth," needs to be converted into standard formats. If a data entry clerk were to transcribe one certificate every 15 minutes, the level of effort would be approximately 250,000 worker-hours. That's 125 data entry operators for a year -- if they have no meetings, and take no coffee, lunch, or comfort breaks. So you're really looking at 200 key-entry operators for a year -- plus a management team to oversee the project.

That's a BIG project, with a BIG budget. It should be relatively easy to verify such a project occurred because this project would be done by outside contractors. The project lifecycle includes request for proposal, proposal, contractor selection, organization, planning, training, execution, validation, etc. This is a 3 to 5-year project -- remember, we're talking state government here.

Now, when 50,000,000 transcriptions are made, errors will be made.

When documents, such as birth certificates, are converted to electronic media, the originals MUST be archived because of those errors. There must be backup, because these documents are used as a basis of all other documents and are often required for legal processes.

The prudent person would be required to preserve the source document as backup for challenges to the database content. Government bureaucrats tend to be the most prudent people on the planet. Their primary work function is to cover their ass.

There is no way, in hell, that the directors and managers of Hawaii's health department destroyed those original documents. Their exposure would be enormous.

So Klein's statement, "that paper documents were discarded in 2001 when the department went paperless," is a damnable lie. He's saying the paper documents don't exist, and Hawaiian civil servants are implying the same thing -- unless the issue is pressed -- then they admit they still have them, reluctantly.

Remember, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands required Certificates of Birth, for services and benefits as recently as June 8, 2009. They can't destroy documents that are a requirement for government services and benefits.

But the clincher is Fukino's statement, that she personally saw and verified Obama's original birth certificate on October 31, 2008.

Hawaii has the documents. They're down there somewhere in a clean, air-conditioned building -- and they're accessible.

The Obots can lie, lie, lie and otherwise obfuscate until the cows come home, and it won't change that fact.

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Polarik said...

That's what I've been saying all along, or Free Republic, going back to October of last year.

The news media misinterpreted Janice Okubo's statements that she originally made to Factcheck and Politifact in August.

In 2001, Hawaii created a computer database in which to store all of their birth records. However, this database only has a small subset of the original birth record, and consists of the most important data fields from the original birth certificate: the same data fields that appear in the computer-generated transcript called the CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH.

The original long-form, paper birth certificate or certified photostatic copies of them are
stored away in their records room.

For anyone's original birth certificate that was issued by another state or country, that certificate is placed in a sealed envelope in exchange for the Hawaiian birth certificate.

What Hawaii's DOH director, Chiyome Fukino, said, in a press conference held on 10/31/08, is that she and Dr. Onaka had "personally seen and verified" that Hawaii has Obama's "original birth certificate ON RECORD."

The use of the phrase, ON RECORD, is highly significant because wherever you find it being mentioned, it is almost always in reference to a database record.

So, what Fukino and Onaka were "personally seeing and verifying" could easily have been a computer-based record, and at best, a sealed envelope containing a physical document.

In either case, the database birth record would indicate what, if anything, they have on file in the records room, and would also contain the person's actual date and place of birth.

So, both Fukino and Onaka would have been able to verify if Obama really was born in Hawaii. In which case, Fukino would have no cogent legal reason to keep that a secret, in light of the "fact" that Obama allegedly made a "real copy" of his "real Certification of Live birth" image, a part of the public record.

If it were true that the birth record said "Born in Hawaii," Fukino would have stated it and the controversy might have ended there.

HOWEVER, If Obama was born, let's say in Kenya, then there is no way that Fukino would ever acknowledge it to the public.