Friday, January 10, 2014

One of the best quotes by anyone ever!

From a Friend

One of the best quotes by anyone ever! You KNOW it's true, lefty friends, you consider yourselves to be SUPERIOR: more intelligent, more open, more kind, more loving, more tolerant, more passionate about being fair--yet you do NOT want to hear my opinions, you do NOT want to analyze my opinions on their MERITS (aka those things you take allergy medication for--facts--unless of course you can play GOTCHA on a factual error I make, and only then do you trot out facts), and you most certainly act OFFENDED that anyone DARE believes something DIFFERENT from YOU! 

A few examples: 

1. Government was never meant to be a charity--it is not only unkind but stupid to provide long-term/permanent support to anyone, this breeds DEPENDENCY, encourages LAZINESS, and underwrites breeding by those who cannot AFFORD kids. Not everyone will have their soul corroded by dependency but many will. However, it is not and never was a proper or legitimate function of the Federal Government, or the State. Religious organizations and private philanthropy should be the bottom-tier safety nets. Back when their were debtors prisons, poorhouses, orphanges, and asylum, government began corrupting itself by giving the poor "free stuff." The problem with the government doing this is that the government has no money of its own and so must steal or generate revenue legitimately in order to afford charity...coerced charity is not kindness it is a crime. When you want to help someone and your actions actually HURT them (despite your delusional rationalization about how the poor are noble and victims instead of most of them being addicts or having other mental illness issues that, while sad, are not the fault of the people who are stolen from by government to fund the Welfare State). Whether local governments or the States should operate anything besides police, fire, road repair, sanitation, and water works is a good question open for debate as to where the line should be. Since 1913 we've had a national income tax that, while it is a law and found Constitutional (as slavery once was), is basically theft by the government from one group of people (those who work) to give to those who do not work--Robin Hood was a children's story that I suppose meant to glorify today's "Progressive Agend" but if you remember correctly, the story involved stealing BACK from government what government had stolen from those who owned it in the first place, right? The message wasn't: the rich are bad and it's okay to steal from them. Finally, as Europe is proving--even Germany, the economic policies of leftist states are unsustainable and will cause more poverty and more crime in the long run--along with liberal immigration policies which we'll get to below. 

2. Obama even if he was born in Hawaii (according to himself, his literary agency, his wife, and some people in Kenya, he was born in Kenya) has hidden most of his life facts--people don't pay milions to do that when they have nothing to hide: there is already proof he has used more than TWO social security numbers--only criminals do that, AND if you think that Obama is a good person well that's just marvelous for you but the issue was and remains, why would Obama be eligible, and if eligible, why would he be trustworthy? Who trusts someone who refuses to disclose his entire college background when they claim to be highly educated and supremely intelligent? They being the subject, Obama...but if the shoe fits...

3. The Tea Party--without exception, everyone I know who hates the Tea Party is simply saying that they think big government is better than small government, and that government knows best and that adults ought to be treated as children by the government. The Tea Party stands for limited gov't, responsible government, accountable government, giovernment that respects not only individual liberties but the individual adult as an adult, and government that abides by the Constitution--both the Democrat Party and the GOP do NONE of the above anymore in many key ways. So you'll vote for Hillary completely ignoring how she stands for MORE OF THE SAME CRAP we've been given by the three-headed snake of Bubba, Dubya, and Fuckya (Clinton-Bush-Obama).

4. Illegal Aliens are criminals. Trespassing, however minor a misdemeanor you wish to deem it, is still a crime. Rewarding criminals is what the Party of personal irresponsibility (the Democrats) want to do. Sadly, so do many in the GOP. I am at a loss to understand why anyone would think that rewarding criminals with more social services--social services that are increasingly burdened to begin with by funding issues, personnel, the absolute idiocy of Obamacare--is good on any metric. What kind of message does that send? Sure, break our laws, come on in, steal from us, we'll give you a bank account driver's license law license you name it! This country has become a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE from the top-down. Many who come here are nice, but many who come here belong to the most violent street gangs in the Hemisphere, and some who come here pedophiles, drunks who drive, wife-beaters....plenty of petty thieves will be rewarded along with rapists and murderers if Amnesty occurs--all are criminals, all need to be deported. And the concept of Anchor Baby is ridiculous too. You can't let unlimited numbers into the country no matter what the immigration laws are, so you have to have rules, and those who violate rules, must be punished. It is that simple and the point cannot be argued by calling us mean or cruel or heartless or racist. Dummies!

5. The war was bad under Dubya. Where are the anti-war left-wing Dubya-haters and where have you been for the past 5 years? The double-standard of the left is astounding. Dubya was called Nazi, War Criminal, Monkey, and Retard by the left....Obama comes in and doubles down on Dubya's Patriot Act, Afghanistan ground nonsense, and drone murders....and crickets....Cindy Sheehan has been out of the news....every anti-war banshee on the celebrity left is mute. Why is that? Because it's not about POLICY. It's about ideology. Toe be a leftist is to imagine that your emotions are a compass leading to truth, beauty, and ultimate correctness--facts are secondary--it's what you FEEL, and because so many of you have Ivy League pedigrees, high IQs, and kind hearts, you then extrapolate those virtues and think that whatever you feel is "beyond debate." Yet, as we all know about war and peace--you can only have real peace when you are strong enough to disincentivize evil from attacking you. If Poland had armored divisions and a modern airforce, instead of bi-planes and horses, Hitler would not have crossed the eastern frontier on September 1, 1939. We all want peace but peace is a lot like wealth--you had better work for it and be successful in your work--peace can't be created by hearts and birds peace cannot be given by fiat or by policies that at bottom are treating evil like an equal negotiating partner and peace cannot be attained by tolerating true evil--like the DOCTRINE of ISLAM. It may be true that some Muslims are nice--I know people from the middle east and Pakistan who are peaceful and kind--however, the doctrine of clitorectomies, killing gays, raping babies and animals, forcing young teens to marry 60 year old men, stoning rape victims to death for bringing dishonor to their families, throwing acid in the face of women who offended you, cultural blackmail, extortion, censorship, extermination of "non-believers" (Jews and Christians and all other religions too) and imposition of tyranny through Sharia is ISLAM. Peace and Islam are incompatible. The Co-Exist bumper sticker is, like most of Liberalism, sweet candy of childish fantasy. There is no Co-Existing with Islam and especially you liberal Jews and gay liberals--you'll be the first to be executed by Muslims as soon as they can get ahold of you. Not all Muslims--but enough of them to make Islam incompatible with Western Civilization. 100% incompatible. That's not racist or mean. That's FACTUALLY ACCURATE. But if you want to debate that, great! Give me your facts and prove to me I am wrong. Proving to me that I am wrong does not happen and cannot be done when you simply say YOU'RE WRONG, YOU'RE VICIOUS, and I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT, and I AM OFFENDED. Which pretty much sums up all liberal debate tactics when you try to point out the factual errors of progressivism to even the most highly educated, well-meaning, liberal. 

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