Friday, October 17, 2014

FAT FACTS, AND FRAUDS - NEXT MENSA FORUM - At 12:30 PM on Saturday, OCTOBER 25, 2014


These forums held to raise funds for our local Gifted Student Scholarship Fund.
This month’s presenter: –BILL HUTCHINS, MD
LUNCH PROVIDED (contributions appreciated)
RSVP or 239/591-4565 (Capacity is limited, and we need to know how many plates to prepare)
Hosts: Drs. Sam & Bunny Sewell,10202 Vanderbilt Dr., (NE corner, @ 102nd Ave) Naples, Fl 34108

Join us as we debunk the bad science of 1950, and expose the US industrial food supply chain for what it is;
profit-driven degradation of the health of our food!
Join us as we take on the drug companies who are eager to fight the cholesterol “straw man”
while selling 16 billion in statin drugs annually!

Eat Lots of FAT, or risk your death- Why the 40 year Jihad against fat in the diet has killed more Americans than ever.  CONSIDER THIS:

1.   In 1960 a team of Dutch researchers found that the whale and seal eating Greenland Inuit Eskimos ate a diet of 50% FAT, but had longer bleeding times and lower cardiovascular disease. 

2.   They discovered in the Eskimos two peaks of fatty acids in the blood - even higher than Danes - EPA and DHA. 

3.   Ansel Key’s seven country study which correlated fat and heart disease was bad science. From the 21 countries studied, he reported only those which FIT THE CURVE!  Countries like Greece, know for high fat diets and low cardiovascular disease, were IGNORED.  This bad science started the statin revolution.

4.   Why are there essential fats, and no essential carbohydrates??

5.   Fat consumption in the US diet has dropped from 42 % to 34% in the last 30 years, yet heart disease has gone up.

6.   When we eat less fat, we tend to eat more sugar or carbs, which are more dangerous.

7.   Processed foods hydrogenate good fats into bad, which is great for the industrial food companies

8.   Half of people with heart attacks have normal cholesterol.

Come prepared with informed questions. Always good discussions!

Dr. William Hutchins
Dr Hutchins has a wide range of interests, including history, philosophy and finance.  He has practiced radiology for the past 30 years, and currently is a partner in Naples Radiologists at Physicians Regional, and at Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center, where he is a part owner.  In the 1990s he left radiology for five years, and consulted with hedge funds which needed medical expertise. Some his closest acquaintances included the founders of Earthlink, Computer Motion - the original medical robotics company, and Biopsys Breast Device. 

Dr. Sam Sewell

Rev. Sam Sewell, is Director of Best Self USA, a Pastoral Psychotherapist, serves on the faculty of Naples Community Hospital Chaplain’s Department as an instructor for Clinical Pastoral Education, President of the Theological Center in Naples, a member of Mensa where he serves as Gifted Youth Coordinator, a U.S. Navy Veteran, and a Member of the Association For Intelligence Officers. He is a frequent commentator on mental health and religious issues. His award winning research on family issues is published in several languages. Member of Sigma Delta Chi Honor Society.

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