Friday, December 26, 2014

FREE ADULT EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY Biblical Scholarship Course ~ Open to the Public


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CONTACT: Rev. Sam or Bunny Sewell

Biblical Scholarship Course ~ Open to the Public

Biblical Scholarship is not the same thing as Bible Study. This Biblical Scholarship Program aims to provide a curriculum similar to that which is taught at accredited seminaries.

The Theological Center in Naples and Moorings Presbyterian Church are sponsoring this unique adult education opportunity.  Revs. Sam and Bunny Sewell are teaching an ongoing Biblical Scholarship Program immediately after worship service in the Strozier Library on the campus at Moorings Presbyterian Church from 11:15 to Noon every Sunday, beginning on Sunday, January 4. There will be an optional Q&A period after the class, for those who are interested.

The Sewell’s have been teaching Biblical Scholarship in Naples for more than two decades.

Are you interested in learning more about how the Bible was written, how scholars reconcile apparent inconsistencies, and in strengthening your faith by learning how the Bible applies to us today?

There is no tuition for this class, however free will offerings are appreciated. 

Please register in the foyer at Mooring Presbyterian, or contact Sam & Bunny. 239-591-4565


The primary resource for this extensive curriculum is the 12 volume Interpreter’s Bible. Obviously, participants will not be required to provide their own text books. Just show up with your own Bible, a note pad, pen or pencil and highlighter. Sam and Bunny own the digital software of the Interpreter’s Bible, as well as the twelve volume set. The Interpreter’s Bible is also available in the Moorings Presbyterian Church Library.

The contributors to the study materials are leading biblical scholars who bring a wealth of fresh perspectives to biblical interpretation. The contributors are also theologically diverse, reflecting a wide range of Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish backgrounds. 

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