Saturday, December 13, 2014

Media Bias?

by Jerry Collette
Guest Contributor

For years now we've heard about media bias towards liberals and against conservatives. Most of it gets dismissed by liberals because the facts are different.

Yesterday, there were two fact patterns that were almost identical, and two articles about them, by the same author (Alexander Bolton), in the same publication (The Hill), with entirely different spins. As the CRomnibus bill was being rammed through Congress, both Senators Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren had objections to it. The article about Warren was titled Warren makes her mark and featured a flattering picture of her. The article about Cruz was titled Cruz center of Senate meltdown and featured an unflattering picture of him.

Legal Insurrection covers this in more detail.

P.S. Say what you will about Cruz, like Ron Paul before him, you can count on him for being consistent.

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