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Excerpt from an article by Dr. Jack Wheeler:

A more reliable method is required.  Here are three.

*Thirty days after 9/11 (October 10, 2011), I proposed a hi-tech method in Interrogating Osama.  It advocated using a new brain scan technology called fMRI - functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - as a lie detector. 

The interrogation would involve placing him under the fMRI brain scanner, putting him on a mechanical respirator, and injecting a drug called succinyl choline chloride into the nerve tracts leading to the diaphragm thus paralyzing the muscles needed for breathing.

Details of how it works are in the article.  No one had ever thought of using a fMRI scanner as a lie detector 13 years ago - but now it's commercially available:  see No Lie MRI.

*The second method appeared in July, 2005: D3 Terrorists.  It described the neurochemistry of compulsive risk-taking, which can take the form of addiction to gambling, porn, sex, eating, drugs such as cocaine or opiates, or gaining access to 72 heavenly whores by slaughtering infidels.

If you give compulsive Moslem fanatics a type of anti-psychotic drug called a D3 Blocker, they become anhedonic-- their brains no longer capable of feeling pleasure (until the drug wears off).

Thus, within an hour of administration, the terrorist may feel his compulsion to terrorize is gone, that Allah is no longer talking to him or reciting quotes from the Koran in his head. Obsessive ritual behavior, such as the compulsion to pray five times a day, may vanish.

He may feel that Allah has abandoned him, that his life no longer has any meaning and is worthless. A skilled interrogator offering a sympathetic friendly hand at this moment can work wonders with such mental putty.  Again, see the article for the neurochemical details.

*The third method, TFM Interrogation, best starts with a story.  Several years ago, I had a neighbor whom we'll call Gene.  Nicest sweetest guy you'd ever meet.  Periodically, however, he'd have bouts of depression for which his doctor prescribed Prozac.  He was on it for some time, then stopped taking it, thinking he was better.

Shortly afterwards, he was at a store and got into an argument with another customer.  He flew into an uncontrollable rage and beat him up so savagely he went to jail, just about ruining his life.  What happened?

Prozac is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor or SSRI.  If you understand how SSRIs work and what happened to Gene, you'll understand how to properly - even humanely - torture a terrorist.

First, a little background in brain chemistry. Your brain synthesizes, or manufactures, natural brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are necessary for the proper functioning of various activities. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers which transmit the appropriate signals through brain circuits for thinking, feeling, and motor action.

One such neurotransmitter is called serotonin. Serotonin is an "inhibitory" neurotransmitter, and its constant presence is absolutely required for a normal and non-psychotic state of mind.

Like all neurotransmitters, serotonin transmits its message from one neuron to another across a tiny gap between them called a synapse. Once the message is delivered, there are specific enzymes that gobble up any excess serotonin in the "synaptic gap" and "reuptake" it back into the transmitter vesicles where it can be used again.

Like many drugs, SSRIs like Prozac are enzyme-blockers.  By blocking or inhibiting the monoamine oxidase enzymes (MAOs) from reuptaking synaptic serotonin, more serotonin stays and keeps transmitting the message to stay calm and feel good. 

The price for blocking those MAO enzymes, however, is it causes the brain to produce more of them to compensate.  Thus if a patient on Prozac suddenly stops taking it, all those excess MAOs will flood the synapses like a tsunami wiping out all the brain's supply of serotonin in their path.  The result can be a psychotic breakdown just like Gene had.

Now let's apply this to interrogating terrorists.

Neurotransmitters are synthesized in the cell bodies of the neurons in the brain from specific nutrients in one's diet. Norepinephrine, for example, responsible for alertness and mental energy, is synthesized from the amino acid phenylalanine and a number of additional co-factors. Caffeine works by stimulating the release and prolonging the activity of norepinephrine.

The neurotransmitter serotonin is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan. Without tryptophan, the brain cannot make serotonin. This mechanism applies not only to the human brain, but to the brain of every species in the animal kingdom, from dogs to rats to elephants to birds.

There have been numerous experiments that demonstrate the effects of a tryptophan-free diet on brain function in humans. Within about four hours, brain serotonin levels drop like a rock. Lacking the inhibitory regulation of serotonin, the brain becomes incapable of modulation. The individual possessor of such a brain rapidly becomes angry, depressed, and impulsive -- incapable of controlling his emotions.

The last thing a captured terrorist, intent on withholding information and resistant to interrogation, wants is to be uncontrollably impulsive. Such an individual would be putty in the hands of a skilled interrogator.

The means of converting a terrorist into putty is TFM Interrogation, using tryptophan-free meals (TFMs). Not protein-free meals. Meals engineered to have only tryptophan excluded, and all other essential amino acids present. Protein is, of course, a package or assemblage of various combinations of amino acids.

With a protein-free meal, blood amino levels will drop, causing the liver and other organs to start extracting aminos from blood albumin, then from muscle, then from organ tissue. Such amino extraction will include tryptophan. In other words, deprived of dietary protein, the body will cannibalize itself in order to supply the brain with tryptophan and other vital aminos.

But a meal engineered to provide all necessary aminos except tryptophan exclusively will not cause such cannibalization. The liver has no capacity to notice the lack of one single amino such as tryptophan, just the overall lack of entire assemblies of aminos, or protein.

A TFM is a semi-synthetic meal replacement, prepared in the form of a porridge, for example. It can contain plenty of real starch, plenty of real fat, plenty of real sugar or honey -- plenty of real chocolate if desired.  It can be totally halal (Moslem kosher).  What it cannot contain is any complex protein at all.

Instead, it must contain about 30 grams of a synthetic mixture of all essential aminos in crystalline form -- specifically excluding tryptophan. Further, such a mixture should contain the same ratio of aminos as milk or meat, but with an extra amount of the aminos phenylalanine and tyrosine, which will both block any tryptophan extracted from the body reaching the brain, and increase the subject's levels of anxiety and anger.

Three such TFMs should be given to the subject over 12 hours, with the subject not having anything to eat prior to the first TFM for several hours. After four hours, the subject will become agitated, depressed, angry, and impulsive. He obviously must be heavily guarded and possibly restrained. Over the next eight to twelve hours, his symptoms will increase, becoming suicidal.

If he were to be subjected to a TFM diet over a period of several days, he would become fully psychotic.

After a round of "bad cop" interrogation during a 12-hour TFM period, the subject should then receive a normal meal with complex protein -- preferably the TFM with one or two grams of crystalline tryptophan added (it's tasteless so he won't notice any difference). He will calm down and feel pleasant.

Then a "good cop" interrogator can step in and soothe him. Next meal time, it's back to the TFM, and back the subject goes into uncontrollable impulsiveness. The subject will quickly develop a real fear of the "bad cop" interrogator who interrogates him during the TFM periods.

Within 24 to 48 hours, the terrorist will be singing like a opera of canaries.

There are no side or after-effects of TFM Interrogation. It's an interrogation method far more effective than real torture, or the threat of it, that is foolproof, immediate, and humane. It is completely reversible within an hour or after one regular non-TFM meal. It works the first time, every time, with everybody -- no exceptions.

So, there are three ways to properly torture a terrorist.  All three are quick, effective, and dependable.  All three are infinitely more moral than the criminal insanity of Moslem terrorism.  Their purpose is to gain information to save lives.  The purpose of Moslem terrorism is to take them.

In its release of its Torture Report, the HateAmerica Democrat Party has chosen to side with the terrorists.  What their leader really meant when he said, "I'll make sure we never resort to those methods again," was:

 "I'll make sure we never resort to protecting America from terrorists again."

We must make sure America never resorts to electing a HateAmerica Democrat as its leader ever again.  For the bottom line is that the way to properly torture a terrorist is to do whatever it takes to save American lives he is trying to kill and not apologize for it.  The three ways outlined here are just more practical than others.

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