Sunday, December 28, 2008

Obama’s Medical Records

Is this some kind of a joke McCain submitted 1500 pages and this is what the Obama campaign released. Please wake up this is nothing any doctor could do this for one of his friends or if paid enough.

Hyde Park Associates in Medicine, Ltd.
1515 East 52nd Place, Chicago, IL 60615

To Whom It May Concern:

I am David L. Scheiner, a board certified general internist licensed to practice in the State of Illinois. I am on staff at the University of Chicago Hospitals and Rush University Medical Center. I have been Senator Barack Obama’s primary care physician since March 23, 1987. The following is a summary of his medical records for the past 21 years.

During that period of time, Senator Obama has been in excellent health. He has been seen regularly for medical checkups and various minor problems such as upper respiratory infections, skin rashes and minor injuries.

His family history is pertinent for his mother’s death from ovarian cancer and grandfather who died of prostate cancer. His own history included intermittent cigarette smoking. He has quit this practice on several occasions and is currently using Nicorette gum with success.

Senator Obama’s last medical checkup was on January 15, 2007; he had no complaints. He exercised regularly often jogging three miles. His diet was balanced with good intake of roughage and fluids. A complete review of systems was unremarkable. On physical examination, his blood pressure was 90/60 and pulse 60/minute. His build was lean and muscular with no excess body fat. His physical examination was completely normal.

Laboratory studies included triglycerides of 44(normal under 150), cholesterol 173 (normal under 200), HDL 68 (normal over 40), and LDL 96 (normal under 130). Chem 24, urinalysis and CBC were normal, PSA was 0.6, very good. An EKG was normal.

In short, his examination showed him to be in excellent health. Senator Barack Obama is in overall good physical and mental health needed to maintain the resiliency required in the Office of President.

David L. Scheiner, M.D.

Is this transparent enough for you all. Damn I feel like I live in a third world country.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the same kind of thing Palin released? A note from her doctor?

Didn't McCain give a few hours for select reporters to view his medical records, without allowing them to take notes? Granted, the amount of records was vast. So vast, some may have been omitted.

Get over it.

Sam Sewell said...

If new election are held the most likely President will be Hillary. Right now there isn't a Republican who stands a chance. So my concerns are not partisian.

If medical records were the only issue I could "get over it" easily.

Other records that he refuses to release are:

Original, vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA

Obama/Dunham marriage license

Soetoro/Dunham marriage license

Soetoro adoption records

Punahou School records

Selective Service Registration(Released. But, is possibly an altered Document)

Occidental College records


Columbia College records

Columbia thesis

Harvard College records

Harvard Law Review articles(None (maybe 1, Not Signed)

University of Chicago scholarly articles(None)

Baptism certificate

Medical records

Law practice client list

Illinois State Senate records(None (Locked up to prohibit public view)

Illinois State Senate schedule(Lost (All other Illinois state senators' records are intact)

With all of Obama’s different names, with his documented long term relations to convicted criminals, with his active efforts to prohibit us from knowing where he was born, with his active efforts to keep us from seeing his credentials, with his documented registration to practice law showing only one name, with his being an ex-attorney not authorized to practice law, but representing himself as such, with his non-existent “Office of The President Elect”, with the dozen or so lawsuits against him to prove his citizenship, with the various promises he made to voters and has since reneged on, with his documented complete lack of respect to America, with his refusal to salute the American flag and refusal to say the Pledge of Allegiance with others on stage and his other disrespectful actions, with his many millions of dollars in campaign funds suspected to be from foreign sources, with campaign donations accepted from possible terrorists groups, with his planned first official act as President to make a speech to the Muslim world in a Muslim Capitol, Obama has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can not in any way, shape or form be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Wow after 8 years of the access Bush gave us to anything you are going to complain about this??

Bush and Rove had their own seperate of the record email system that just disappeared when it was discovered.

Yeah thats right they cant produce any records of the emails Bush Rove and Cheney had during the run up to the war on this seperate system that they shouldnt have even had. It was just a computer glich you know.....

Sam Sewell said...

Oh, how childish! "He did it too." I don't want anyone doing it. Or as a wise parent usually says to such childish finger pointing; "Two wrongs don't make a right".

Maybe it would help for you to know that I am not a fan of either party and I have only voted for one Republican in my entire life and I have been voting since 1962.

Anonymous said...

Its not about you Sam or your vote its about complaining over medical records of a guy thats not even sworn in yet (but that will happen btw) after 8 years of the most secret, destructive and corrupt regime this country has ever seen.

Sam Sewell said...

Ok, I will do one more circuit around this mobius strip thinking track.

Again, let me point out that the medical records aren't "the hill I want to die on". Again, I would also point out that the medical records are only one example of the "stealth" candidate's over all behavior. (see the list above)

And again, I will point out the the sins of the Bush administration do not expiate the sins of the candidate who deserves to be impeached before the inauguration.

No matter how vigorously you might point your finger elsewhere, Obama's character flaws continue to attract attention.

Nobody ever assassinates and ex-President. Bush Derangement Syndrome - get over it!

Anonymous said...

I see its Bush Derangement syndrome nevermind his approval rating is lower than Nixons and many agree hes the worst president ever, but it clear logical thinking that you already have reasoned Obama should be impeached before he takes office.

Id suggest some cognitive political therapy for you my friend ;)

Sam Sewell said...

Well at least that last one was accurate. Why didn't you use Truman as your example? His numbers were even worse than Nixons. But all three of those fellow were twice as popular as Congress.

Besides, with the obvious left bias of the media who knows what the numbers might be if we had objective reporting?

And yes, Obama has already comitted enough crimes to be impeached once he takes office, if ever.