Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama delays court and justice again

More Delays. USA/Obama Say They Need 124-Days to Answer; Congress 117 Days
Tuesday, April 28, 2009More Delays. USA/Obama Say They Need 124-Days to Answer; Congress 117 Days

See the copy of the court documents electronically filed by the defendants on Monday, April 27, 2009:

The lawyer for USA and Obama, Elizabeth A. Pascal, who works in the office of Ralph J. Marra, Acting United States Attorney, is now asking the Court a second time through her motion for more time to answer for the defendants.

Initially, Ms. Pascal only represented the USA and Obama, whose answers or motions were initially due on April 27, 2009. Ms. Pascal requested and obtained an extension to file her responses to May 5, 2009.

Now Ms. Pascal states in her declaration that former Vice President Cheney, the House of Representatives, and Speaker Pelosi have asked that the Department of Justice represent them in the action. She adds that the Justice Department is also deciding which Congressional defendants (meaning Congress, Senate, House, Cheney, and Pelosi) it will represent. Pending the Justice Department making that decision, she is moving the Court for an order allowing all the Congressional defendants more time to answer or otherwise move. She includes in her request additional time for the USA and Obama to answer, whose answers are now due on May 5, 2009.
Ms. Pascal made her motion returnable June 1, 2009 and is asking for an order that she be allowed to file an answer or otherwise move within 20 days of the date of the order to be entered by Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider. This means that if Magistrate Judge Schneider signs the extension order on June 1, 2009, the defendants' answers or motions will be due by June 21, 2009.

Whether or not the President of the United States is eligible for the Office he currently occupies is of utmost national importance. Every passing day Mr. Obama takes executive action that significantly impacts on the lives of Americans. The USA and Obama have already been granted one extension to answer to May 5, 2009. They have therefore been given 77 days to answer. This is enough time for them to answer. With an extension to June 21, 2009, USA and Obama are asking for 124 days and the Congressional defendants are asking for 117 days to answer. Court rules only allow them 60 days. Such delay is not in the national interest and not acceptable. As to the Congressional defendants, a twenty-day extension for them to answer is reasonable, making their answer due by May 18, 2009. Given the national importance of the issues, an extension for all defendants to answer by June 21, 2009 is not acceptable.


davem1 said...


This is a little too technical for me, but see what you think about this find:


Five Obama images on the Net
The Honolulu newspaper announcement of his birth
His college yearbook
His participation in basketball

obviously the first two are the most interesting.
Opening the digital graphics file in a hex editor finds the
same photoshop digital signature in all five of them.
A certain “Ducky”.

This doesn’t prove the images were altered, but it does
prove the same individual ran them through photoshop.
Why heck, he might just wanted to check the hue and brilliance.
But it adds to the mountain of circumstantial evidence that the
birth announcements and documents are a fake.
I hope this can be put to further use.

go to
story is at the top of that blog, at the moment,
otherwise scroll down

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised by this?

Rule 11 Violations is what Perkins-Coie excels at, i.e., "unnecessary delay" and "needless increases in the cost of litigation" for Eligibility Lawyers.

It appears the Republicans are making the same mistake made by the PUMAS, i.e., waiting too late to file. You can't assume that the rank and file voters are paying close attention, as Berg discovered when he first filed. One would have assumed that the rank and file delegates would have dumped BO at the Convention in August. It never pays to over-estimate the intelligence of the average dem or rino.

Now, the Republicans are waiting until the political climate is perfect, they think, to pull the rug out from under BO. Legal Cases take time. If the Repubs want to legally take BO out, I suggest they file their suits now.

Thank Goodness for the Constitutional Grand Juries. At least some Citizen Patriots are acting responsibly to timely insure good Government.

Anonymous said...

Major Problem with this case is that by filing against the entire Congress, the Plaintiffs made this a Political Issue and SCOTUS will not hear this case.

P. Revere said...

I've been following Mr. Apuuzo's juant through the Judiciary and am constantly amazed at the delay tactics used by the courts. To my knowledge, his is the first case to have gotten so far and I'm impressed with his ability to tie CONgress in with their complicity. Will they (Magistrates office) succumb to the wishes of the Obama lawyer E. Pascal for more time? Will this never ending dance of words give Obots the chance to get their newly forged BC document properly aged for release in June? If you can believe the heresay, that's exactly what they are doing by utilizing a typesetting machine of the same ilk that printed these documents originaly and was found to be in working order in Canada. I can think of no other valid reason for these delays. 60 days to produce records is more than adequate and the extension to May 5was more than generous.
Have another slap in the face my fellow Americans!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., is on record stating that the Kerchner case is unmanageable from a prosecutorial standpoint because of the enjoinder of all members of Congress.

Anonymous said...

It is time to stop all the delays. The more delays make is possible for more problems for this country.

I hope the judge will say you have had enough time lets get this over with now. Some one has to put a foot down.

Anonymous said...

"I hope the judge will say you have had enough time lets get this over with now."

Congress has 535 members plus the Drunk from Delaware. Think about it?

Each member Drunk, Drugged or otherwise has a right to an attorney and the money to buy more than 1 attorney.

So, you don't have to have a Law Degree to know that a Lawsuit against the Entire Congress plus the Usurper is going NOWHERE VERY SLOWLY...VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY... VERY SLOWLY...

Anonymous said...

Explain how Kerchner is going to overturn a 206 year old SCOTUS Precedent set in Marbury v. Madison 1 Cranch (5 U.S.) 137

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, you know ALL the judges are in the tank, one way or the other. They either "believe" in the cause or are scared to dea** about it, and I can understand that.

Anonymous said...

"ALL the judges are in the tank, one way or the other.,."

I don't believe that and I don't see how it benefits us for you to defame judges. There has been far too much defamation of judges by so-called patriots.

SCOTUS Justices, in particular, have been defamed without justification. That is not the way to win with SCOTUS.

Anonymous said...

I think that even if Bobo produces the forged BC, he will have a very tough time explaining other irregularities of his case and defense.

For instance, why would Bobo show his BC after such a long period of time?

Did he not hear what we were saying? He hired three ENTIRE law firms to suppress this info, why?

Also, there is NO WAY to dodge this bullet: his SSS document. It was forged in such a way that a first year law student could prosecute and win. If Bobo produces a COLB, verify it. After that, indict him for the SSS forged documents. The USA wins!

Anonymous said...

BO's main legal problem is that he hired the ABSOLUTE MORON bob bauer of perkins-coie, the FIRM aka the CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES!