Friday, April 24, 2009

Part of the solution or the problem?

"The penalty good men pay for

indifference to public affairs is

to be ruled by evil men."- Plato -


Opus #6 said...

Great quote. And too true today. :-(

Leo the Lawyer said...

The Quote for the times in which we live.

Anonymous said...

1) Find the CROOKED politicians in your City or Town that supported BO.

2) Link these CROOKED politicians to crimes committed by the BO Campaign.

3) Charge CROOKED politicians and BO as co-conspirators in the commission of campaign crimes and you have a Criminal Case against BO that can be prosecuted in Court in your County Seat.

4) Of course, you add all the other Crimes that BO committed elsewhere to your INDICTMENT also. But to prosecute BO in your State you have to link him as a co-conspirator to crimes committed in your State.