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The Importance of Supporting Trump

The Importance of Supporting Trump

- Jim O'Neill

“...if it were not an issue, why wouldn’t he just solve it?  I wish he would, because if he doesn’t, it’s one of the greatest scams in the history of politics and…history, period.”  Donald Trump regarding Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS

In his book “Deconstructing Obama,” Jack Cashill concludes that Obama was likely born in Hawaii, but that his parents were probably either communist pornographer, and pedophile, Frank Marshall Davis, and Stanley Ann Dunham—or Obama’s “grandfather” Stanley Dunham, and an unknown black woman.  Either case gives plenty of reason to hide Obama’s birth certificate.  (Link)      (Link)   
If either scenario is true, then the British citizenship of Obama’s purported father, Kenyan native Barak Obama “senior,” becomes something of a moot point.  In any event, those who know the truth are not talking—yet.      (Link)
The bottom line is, nobody who is talking knows for sure who Obama’s parents are.  Cashill’s hypothesis seems to me to be about as airtight as a circumstantial evidence case can get, but the truth still remains unknown.  And please don’t throw Obama’s COLB in my face, as it has all the value and legal gravitas as something you might pull out of a “Cracker Jack” box (no offense meant to the good people at “Cracker Jack”).   
Besides Cashill, there have been a host of other folks heroically trying to uncover the truth regarding Obama’s past: LTC Terry Lakin, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Gen. Paul Vallely, Orly Taitz, Cmdr. Charles Kerchner, Mario Apuzzo, Gen. Carroll Childers, Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick, and on, and on, and on.  They can be forgiven for thinking to themselves “Welcome aboard, Mr. Trump—where the h—l you been?”  Well, better late than never, as they say.                (Link)
Say what you will about his timing, the importance of what Trump is doing cannot be overstated—it is HUGE.  Because of Trump’s stand vis a vis Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS, all future conservative candidates for political office will be required to face the issue head on.  No more “bobin’ ‘n’ weavin’” around the “birther” issue.  Those candidates who try to avoid the eligibility issue, or worse, deny its importance, will be left in the dust.  “We the people” will see to it.  (Link)     
Because of his national recognition-factor, his money, and his chutzpah, Trump has the ability to shed light on the eligibility issue as no one else has been able to.  The glare of publicity is making the “traitorous americanus” roaches scurry for cover, and the liberal propaganda outlets are blowing fuses as they try to keep their media blackout in place.  Look for them to become ever more garrulous, strident, and illogical, as is their wonk wont whenever they feel threatened. (Link) 
As Trump points out, we are talking about one of the biggest scams in history.  And scams don’t call for impeachment, they call for jail time.  Obama himself may be off-limits, because of the social repercussions that would stem from his arrest, but there are a host of other people who are certainly fair game.  Their knowing collusion with the scam (misprision of felony) is crime enough to land them in prison. (Link)
“We the people” may need to build a new prison just to hold them all (I say that only half in jest).  Although the silence from our political elites regarding Obama’s eligibility has been deafening, once the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” party apparatchiks realize what the score is, you won’t be able to shut them up, as they turn on one another in order to save their own sorry butts.      (Link)
There are a number of reasons why people may dislike the idea of Trump as President—ranging from his politics to his hair style—but no other viable Presidential candidate (or possible candidate) has openly voiced any concern over Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS.  That bears repeating, loudly, NO OTHER CANDIDATE HAS OPENLY VOICED CONCERN OVER OBAMA’S ELIGIBILITY TO BE POTUS.  (Link)
In my opinion, “The Donald’s” position regarding Obama’s eligibility trumps all other concerns (pun noted).  If Obama is shown to be ineligible, then all of the laws passed during his usurpation, and any political appointments made (such as ones to the Supreme Court) become null and void.  I would say that is a pretty darn important consideration—more important than any of Trump’s drawbacks, real or imagined. (Link)  (Link)
This isn’t play-time kiddies.  While the neo-communists and neo-fascists play footsie with the Islamists, Soros and the rest of the NWO “Billionaire Boy’s Club” are preparing to shift the global economic base from the United States to Communist China.  This is for real, and the stakes could not be any higher, nor the results of our failure to defend America from external and internal enemies more grim.  (Link)
It is America’s internal enemies that are of immediate concern, and while the Pentagon putzes around with the queering of the US military, and Congress puts on their dog and pony show for our “entertainment,” it’s up to “we the people” to demand some answers—NOW!  (Link)
The political elites currently holding the reins of power in Washington do not want the truth about Obama to come out.  I cannot think of any better way to force their hand then to back Trump with all we’ve got.  So far he’s the only game in town, folks, and if we do not support him wholeheartedly, then the whole eligibility issue may well fizzle out and die, and our hopes for saving America fizzle out and die with it. (Link)
As things stand, Trump forcing the eligibility issue out into the open now, is the best chance America has to extricate itself from its current predicament without suffering widespread violence. (Link)
Supporting Trump at this time is that important.  Say that I am dealing in hyperbole if you like, but don’t come crying to me when the bullets start flying.  Don’t come crying to me, and I won’t say “I told you so”—deal?
Laus Deo.

Jim O'Neill

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