Wednesday, April 16, 2014


All incoms e tax is theft and illegitimate. Governments should never be "big" to begin with. ALL Charity is an unconstitutional function of the US Fed Gov. Giving money to other countries is likewise not a legitimate function of the Federal Government. Feeding parasites and encouraging soul-rotting dependency is likewise not a legitimate function of this government--only a communist or fascist or other tyrannical state steals from producers to pay non-producers. Financially speakiing, politics here contonues to be badly broken and needs major reforms and neither of the major parties will do anything about it until there is a massive show of will contra their corruption.
I don't work to be forced to feed parasites or contribute to a fucking plane search in the Indian Ocean or to make sure one set of Muzzrats is protected in Afgoatifuckistan from another set of muzzrats. The waste, fraud, and abuse of citizens by the US Fed Gov is criminal--even if they weren't bending over backwards to accomodate the evils of Muzzrats and illegal aliens and roaches breeding uncontrollably if keeping what you produce is not a basic human right then it should be deemed THE fundamental human right....there's no such thing as partial slavery--either you are free and have your personal liberty to keep all of what you earn (and you are 100% in charge of your personal financial sovereignty to spend your money as you see fit, or you are coerced to work a few months each year for the benefit of others--and it is the coercion that is wrong and illegitimate--there's nothing wrong with charity--private philanthropy and social safety nets derived from sources other than the government are good and useful things.
Ending corruption in the USA begins with a national movement of civil disobedience aimed at refusing to cooperate with the IRS and the organized criminal behavior of the Federal Government until we bring DOWN the Federal Income tax and get re-emancipated from this criminal theft by the Fed Gov.
The individual is the sovereign of his earnings, and no one else. By working and spending and obeying the legitimate laws (the ones that aren't legalizing organized criminal behavior by government) the individual does enough as a citizen to contribute to the common social good. Liberty is 100% inconsistent with socialism and communism that is coerced. If you want to give half your income to charity, that's great, but you should have that decision, and deciding against that should come with no penalty from on high.
I am done cooperating. I refuse to be coerced into cooperating with communism, socialism, parasite-feeding, muzzrat financing overseas, and the thousands of other ways our inept Fed Gov blows money and misplaces money (all while enabling graft and fraud)--and if millions do the same thing, then the IRS will be abolished and all federal income tax will be abolished as it should be, and as it was for most of our pre-1913 history.
Behaviors of the Fed Gov that are crimes and should be illegal include:
1. Drone murder of U.S. Citizens abroad
2. Drone murder of any person abroad who is not firing a weapon or planting an explosive in the act of combat or sabotage (non-war use of lethal force)
3. Using shadow agencies that are invisible to Americans (the Kryptocracy needs to be ENDED)
4. Drug (and all substance) Prohibitions
5. Paying Parasites to breed
6. Paying Parasites to not work
7. Failing to defend out borders
8. Rewarding trespassers with any social services
9. Forcing workers to turn over money to the Fed Gov
10. Forcing farmers to turn over livestock or crop shares to the Fed Gov
11. Making unsecured loans that are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy court.
12. Passing legislation that is so long, no one politicians reads and understands the entire bill.
13. Supporting massive employment of bureaucrats: the Fed Gov should be small, transparent, effective, and honest: large bureaucracies by their nature are the opposite..
14. Being fascist, communist, or socialist in any of its dealings at home or abroad--this country is a capitalist country and it is supposed to be a free country. Free as in freedom for adults to conduct their own affairs safely from the thieving and corruption of the government.
15. Supporting a police state of any kind (incompatible with individual liberty and the Constitution).
The Fed Gov needs to be evicted 100% from our bloodstreams and bedrooms and bank accounts.
I am not some Kulak farmer in the Soviet system in 1927 who needs to turn over to the local communist party boss a couple of chickens and a dozen cabbages each month or so.
I am not the property of the U.S. Government either. That means my property is likewise not subject to theft by the U.S. Government.
Slavery and other evils were once legal. An act that is legal has no inherent goodness or badness to it. Objective reality informs us that income taxation is just a form of slavery.
I will not cooperate with it. And I will work to end it.
I am taking back my personal financial sovereignty. I am not asking. I am telling the Federal Government that I am a free man and not anyone's property and what I earn legitimately is mine to rule over and mine alone.
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Anonymous said...

I think he’s pissed off too, lol!

I think the biggest problem we have is the law. The liberals have spent years choking us out with their laws that don’t apply to them. If they can’t get a law passed they will pass 10 small laws around the one that they originally wanted passed to choke it out. The liberals own our courts, our schools and pretty much anything else they want through their networking. They teach us to be law abiding Citizens, do as we say not as we do. I believe because of the brainwashing from K-12 is why we have so many people trying to legally fight an administration that is lawless. Most Americans are good people that still have hope that the legal system will be fair. LOL!