Wednesday, April 23, 2014


by Chrue Blue
April 23, 2014

This is not going to be breaking news or an in-depth commentary of our positions in this country...of the vast disease of socialism that has taken over our Constitutional Republic, or the insanity of corruption that has invaded our representative congress, our supreme court and the very pinnacle of national office that the presidency purports itself to be. 

This is going to be a letter of hope and of alert to a unique people who, by God's grace, had the ingenuity to design and gave everything they had to protect a nation that was once the beacon of freedom and hope the world looked to for leadership. America has seen better days...but she also nurtures eternal faith that our best days are in front of us...and the world will be better because of her. This is also going to be an ode to joy toward my precious family. It is certain that our readers have had days/weeks like this.

The week of prelude to Passover and Easter was been a week of sincere reflection. History is one of my greatest passions along with the solid foundational certainty of the existence of absolute truth. There was a moment in my life that is as clear to me today as it was 42 years ago. If you trust people with the truth of a matter, they will rise to the occasion and act accordingly. Since truth is irrefutable, there is nothing a person can do except make a decision to accept it, or reject it for the comforting arms of fantasy and illusion. Cowards reject fact, but the integrity of truth inspires people to face reality with acceptance and a desire to overcome the hurdles that truth can often put in our way. American's have a knack for facing adversity with deliberate least they used to.

My daughter and her beau traveled north to South Dakota from Nebraska to celebrate the holiday of Easter with the rest of us. When she first suggested it, I was surprised by her “out of nowhere” choice. I am the kind of person who always searches for the reason why people do what they do and think what they think. Since she has never before suggested making such an inclusive effort (to bring a gentleman to our family gathering) it was of special significance. 

When they arrived on Saturday, the 3 of us visited for many hours, enjoying the beautiful spring day.  I did not confess it to her at the time, but my heart was full of gratitude for the presence of her partner, a wonderful, gentleman who obviously finds her a precious addition to his life. He is kind, thoughtful and genuine. It appears they are 2 fortunate people who have found a mutual respect and fondness for each other, that can grow into a deep and lasting attachment. Something I have always wanted for both of my kids.

We prepared an evening meal together; Siting down at the table, I prepared to give thanks for the grace of God in our joining together and the bounty that was before us. Then something surprising happened; as we bowed our heads, before I began the invocation, she said, “Ma; your hand please?” I opened my eyes and saw that she was holding the hand of her beau and was reaching, open handed for mine. She has never done this before. Not reacting openly, I took her hand and we prayed, giving thanks and had our meal.

The next morning, Easter morning, I silently gave thanks to God for the gift of His Son in our lives, for the resurrection to eternal life, the gift of 2 astonishing children and 4 equally so grandchildren, and asked for the day ahead to be filled with sharing and peace. As I began to do the little daily things I do for the pets, make coffee and finish the food prep for the meal we would be transporting to my son's house, my daughter got up and said, “what are you doing up so early?” I must finish my work, honey...was the reply. She went back to bed and I thought about the Son, who finished His earthly work, the work we honor through remembrance of His gift of salvation.

When we were all ready to leave for the journey to my son's house, she asked if I would like for her to ride with me and let her beau drive her car (along with her dog) following us. As I didn't want for him to feel excluded, I suggested that he might feel so, and she said, it would be fine. “Are you sure?” “Oh yeah. It will be ok, Ma”.

So, we set out.  Our conversation morphed into a wide discussion of the events the world, and particularly our nation, are facing. Since I am the most political animal in the family, and my daughter has repeatedly not found much comfort with the subject, I was hesitant to approach such things. Yet we found ourselves on the subject anyhow; surprisingly, she was much more familiar with the basic facts than I was aware of. She made a most remarkable statement about the need for our country to return to the foundational premises of our Constitution and the rule of equality under the law; the need to be less partisan and bi-polar about who's right or wrong rather than WHAT is right or wrong. This astonished me. I began to think there was something extraordinary about this visit and the people involved. There was a message here I needed to listen to. I could hear the whispers of God in this weekend.

Before our meal, the adults sat at the table visiting; we discussed our recent individual activities and soon found ourselves concentrating on the collegiate subjects my son is studying. A retired Army veteran, he is now furthering his education. In a surprising change of program, he has altered his studies to concentrate on theology and political sciences.

Again, my daughter made some rather remarkable comments about the state of education in our current national system. She boldly proclaimed truth in observation, and this took me aback. This was highly unusual for her...her beau sat like a proud protector of the flame, his eyes betrayed his intense pleasure at her flowering. For once, the adults sang in unison at their concerns for our country...We all know there is something horribly wrong, and we fear for the survival of our nation because of it. The larger question being, what are we handing off to our children and grandchildren?

Do we really want to hand them Socialist Marxism or shall we hand them the keys to liberty and freedom; the things protected within our sacred national documents like the Declaration, the Bill of Rights and our beloved Constitution? And what about faith?

Our faith is central to us as a family: our reliance on God the Father and His Son, the Christ, Jesus is what tempers our behaviors and our outlook toward others. When that belief system of faith is declared an offense to others, the “tolerance” of those who demand equality flies out the window and becomes intolerance for people like ourselves. In other words, how can those who demand tolerance for their belief systems be so intolerant of the Judeo-Christian's belief system??? It is the most profound hypocrisy I can think of.

At the end of the day, I thought back upon the week of preparatory moments leading up to a unique, illustrative 24 hours. It has provided revelatory messages brought through study and observation. Personally, I believe we are at the true crossroads of history, much like the days leading up to the Crucifixion and the ultimate ascension of Jesus. I ponder the political climate of intertwined though closeted cooperation of the historic Sanhedrin with the rulers of Rome, and their symbiotic relationship. It was quite like our current situation.

We have leaders in our churches who do not teach the Ways of the Master but pander with platitudes of convenience and comfort. They didn't want to “rock the boat” of Roman displeasure by preaching truth and defiance of illegitimate political persuasion. The world of the Pharisee's and the Sadducee's within the Sanhedrin was a caste system of power struggles adding an elitism that appeared on steroids. They were possessed of their luxuries and their superiority over the common people and jealously protected those privileges. They quashed any who might even have an idea to threaten their power over the masses. They were corrupt in their dealings and skimmed temple taxes at exorbitant rates, from the money changers and those wanting to present special sacrifices. So we too have a system that not only displays prejudicial, preferential attitudes, but corruption at the highest levels as well. Buying and selling of privilege was not new to the caste of priests, nor did it end there. It has continued throughout history.

We have leaders in our state and national government frameworks that do not adhere to the laws they pass for all of contrast, they actually excuse themselves from judgment of the violation of those very same laws! They tell the People what they can and can't do, think, say, see, believe and purchase, all while excluding themselves from the restrictions of such parameters. Those who have seized power over us have become the Pharisee's and the Saduccee's, thinking themselves above the rule of law, becoming the Law unto themselves. They are divided against each other for the reins of Power, but singing from the same songbook against We The People of the Nation. Keep The People from the Temple and subjugate The People under their tyranny of oppression and exclusion. They are Dividers and Destroyers against the People who pay their very salaries...and yet they want more.

They want the ability to slant the game board even further in their own favor and they do it with relish. They engage in open insider trading and enjoy the vast profits of knowing information before anyone else does, so that they can make personal gain from it...the rest of us would go to jail in a flash if we did that. They make laws that permit this activity for “them”, and deny it for “us”. They refuse to pass beneficial programs and legislation, because they can fill their campaign coffers with obscene amounts of corporate donations from companies who have something to gain or something to lose from those same legislation’s. So We The People suffer at their hands for lack of employment, economic chaos and unwillingness to protect our security. They haunt us with surveillance, invade us with improper inquiry and oppress us with the denial of due process.

Again...this is nothing new. It has been done repeatedly throughout history!! From the courts of Nebuchadnezzar to the ovens of the Nazi's. Now it has come to our homes in America.

Jesus said, There is nothing new under the sun. What has happened before will happen again. That the reprobate minds of men will increase in their imaginings and become ever more corrupt as time passes, until it will become their calling of evil good and good evil...the darkness will be preferred because of the intentions of man's wicked heart and their desire to remain behind a veil of uprightness, even though their true natures are beyond vile. That the light will dim because of the incessant villainous souls of men. But the light will not be extinguished. There is a remnant who refuse to be corrupted in their spirits. It is the true Believers who do not take their eyes off the Lord our God, nor the Son of the Most High who insist to others that a day will come (some believe, in the imminent future) that we will, in the flesh, see God and the Son call for His Children and will suffer the Adversary to ruinous defeat.

The venomous archangel Lucifer has seduced Man with his promises of possessing the World, while he steals the very souls of all who believe such an illusion and corrupts every mind with his deceptions. Satan's tool is camouflage.

The days will come when we will yearn for the Peace only God can supply. Look up.

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