Thursday, April 3, 2014

Republican elephants with truncated trunks! Commentary!

EDITOR NOTE - The GOP wants to destroy the Tea Party. Should the Tea Party try to destroy the Republican Party? Or. will the tension between the Tea Party and the GOP ensure a Democratic victory in future elections?
friend recently responded to a request to complete a Republican party survey.  SEE TEXT BELOW

 Dear Sirs,

Your survey is designed to elicit a certain range of responses. We get these over and over again, but GOP behavior doesn't seem to change.

What we want is Republicans- LEADERS- who actually behave like real Republicans, support the Republican PLATFORM and VALUES.  Instead we have far too many RINO's and a hierarchy which increasingly seems bent on driving out Conservative. Libertarian and Tea Party support. So, you shouldn't really be surprised to see a huge shrinking of support. If you think you can succeed without us- have at it boys and girls. You may make some gains simply because the opposition finally seems more awful than you are to the voters, not because you have offered and demonstrate that you can deliver preferable options.  Of course, that didn't work terribly well in 2012, did it?

In any case, the party's actions don't support what is the probable response to past surveys you have sent out. I don't really believe that most respondents want GOP supporting "amnesty," enormous deficits,   a Federal Reserve and banking system destroying our currency, failure to defund Obamacare, failure to hold impeachment and eligibility hearings and stop dozens of unconstitutional treasonous and impeachable acts by Obama administration, failure to curb NSA, failure to stop Common Core, Agenda-21 supporting actions, etc.

George Miller

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